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Check Out These Amazing Schecter Horror Guitars

Do any of you live in Wheat Ridge, Colorado? If so, I’m gonna need you to head on over to Drum City Guitarland and buy me a guitar. Now, I can’t pay you back. However, I’ll love you forever and ever (ask Adam Dodd about this kind of love. It’s magical).

Coming back to the issue at hand, Drum City Guitarland has in there possession a few remaining Schecter licensed horror guitars that are simply badass. Their guitars with The Wolfman, Frankenstein, and The Mummy are sold out but the Dawn Of The Dead and House of 1,000 Corpses models are still available at a paltry price of $2,999 each (I want the Dawn of the Dead one). Head on below to see a gallery of these guitars.

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  • Adam Dodd

    It really is magical, you guys. Now buy this gentleman a guitar!

    Also, if you could be a doll and drop by a Starbucks on the way back, I’d like a venti white chocolate mocha – HOLD THE WHIPPED CREAM. There’s no point in it, it just melts into the mocha, adding calories I can’t even enjoy.


    xoxo, Adam

    • JonathanBarkan

      This man also loves his cakepops, so be sure to pick one of those up for him!

  • j.c

    Soon as I win the lottery, Ill fly out there and hook you guys up. Unless of course that’s the only DoD guitar in stock, in that case that baby’s mine. Sorry. LOL!

    • JonathanBarkan

      You’re so generous and so heartless at the same time! THE ENIGMA!!!

  • godless

    So, house of 1000 corpses is considered a classic now along with Frankenstein, the mummy, wolf man, and dawn of the dead?

    • JonathanBarkan

      Well, four classics and a…movie. Much like three men and a baby!

  • djblack1313

    ALL of these are fucking gorgeous!

    • JonathanBarkan

      I would definitely not be opposed to hanging all of them on my wall!

  • horrorfilmguy

    Badass! I would get House of 1,000 Corpses!

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