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Help Save The Midway Drive-In Theater!

One of the last great horror drive-in theaters is in dire need and we can lend a helping hand! The Midway Drive-In theater in Sterling/Dixon, IL uses a 35mm projector, which was great several years ago. However, movie studios will cease issuing new movies on 35mm next year, requiring many theaters to upgrade to digital projectors and digital systems. This is incredibly costly (the projectors alone can cost around $80,000) and many theaters simply cannot afford the costs.

This is where we can come in to help. Honda is donating a free projector to 5 drive in theaters that receive the most votes through Project Drive-In. Simply go to that website, look up “Sterling, IL”, and pick the Midway Drive-In at the bottom of the screen. Then just vote! You don’t need to sign up, you don’t need to enter any information in, you just have to click the button. People can also vote by texting “Vote80” to 444999. You can vote once per day, so please make sure to help out as often as you can!

Below is a video that documents that Midway Drive-In that features interviews with horror icons Robert Englund, George A. Romero, and Lance Henriksen.

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