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Now That Ben Affleck Is Batman, Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ Has A New Director…

Heat Vision reports Friday afternoon that Scott Cooper is in talks to direct and rewrite The Stand, the adaptation of Stephen King’s epic novel being made by Warner Bros. and CBS Films.

Jimmy Miller and Roy Lee are producing the project, which previously had Ben Affleck attached to direct. Affleck is now prepping to star in Gone Girl and will play Batman in Warners’ Man of Steel sequel and became unavailable. Warners and CBS Films, meanwhile, have a limited window in order to move on Stand or stand to lose the rights and needed to move fast.

The book is a story of good vs. evil after a virus wipes out most of the American population. It features dozens of characters (including such memorable one as the Trashcan Man and Mother Abigail) and overlapping story lines running over many years as it tells a group of survivors fighting the Antichrist-like Randall Flagg.

The novel was originally published in 1978, but by the time it was re-released in 1990 with King adding and revising portions of the story, it had achieved cult-like status.



  • DarrelDreadful

    Still cant get over the fact that Affleck is going to be playing Batman…

  • Canucklehead

    In 1989 you probably could have said the same thing when they announced Michael Keaton, let it go man…….life’s too short to be worrying aboot that nonsense.

    • Arby

      Good point. And Keaton’s Batman turned out to be awesome. All the Batman movies have gone downhill after their first appearance. I liked Bale’s Batman, but that whole realistic, updated Batman also lost something. Keaton’s was fantasy and fun. It was outside of the everyday reality we know. It was fantastical, whimsical and colorful without being goofy and annoying. I don’t know why people don’t like Ben Affleck. (I know why I don’t like him, but it has nothing to do with his acting or his being selected as the new Batman.) But he should have been put to use in a Daredevil (or is that Dare Devil?) sequel instead… Well, For those of us who liked Daredevil.

  • Canucklehead

    Having said that, not sure what there is to be gained from another Stand remake, the 1994 version wasnt perfect but it wasnt bad either. I suggest reading the book. OK, now I can move on. 🙂

  • Darkness69

    At least he’s not going to be connected to this project anymore. I just don’t see him as Batman. As for the Stand, I love the original series, but I always love to see something “new” based on Stephen King!


    Dammit! I was excited to see The Stand remake with Affleck behind it but now we’ll probably get another pos flick. And just for the record, Affleck is no Batman… he is literally the last person I can see being the Dark Knight, especially after Daredevil

  • randallflagg666

    GOOD!!!!! I didn’t wanna see Ben Affleck cast Matt Damon to play me anyway!

    • weresmurf

      HAH you wish. Totally woulda been Casey…

  • bigval

    I only heard about The Stand mini-series not that long ago and been thinking of getting it, maybe wait for the remake?

    • Taboo

      Watch the original first 🙂

  • Rabester72

    I hope it’s better than the dire TV series. The scene that stuck with me from the book was the guy that gets suffocated by tape. Disturbing! But the series didn’t have the balls to include any of the decent horror stuff. I hope this movie is made for adults and not kids like the series was. I wanna be disturbed!

  • Ruthy

    There is no way they can make The Stand in one movie, even if it’s three hours long. Unless they are talking more than one flick, I don’t see it working out very well.

  • Raphael

    Ya, its way too much for one theatrical film. I am way more interested in seeing a remake of ‘it’ as much as I love the miniseries a theatrical version could include all the crazy shit they left out from the book.

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