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Spike Lee’s Kickstarter Joint Casts the Great Michael K. Williams!

While we’re still unsure what genre Spike Lee’s newly Kickstarter film is, the logline was definitely horror-themed as it centers on humans addicted to blood.

Lee revealed that Michael K. Williams, who played the intense Omar in “The Wire”, has joined the cast. Back on August 5 is was revealed that British actress Zaraah Abrahams was cast as the female lead.

More news on the film as production gets underway, I’m sure, so keep your eyes peeled here.



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  • iLoveArgentoPre1990

    It will be in the genre of “white-hating urban drama” of which Spike Lee is the only director. I anticipate that, somewhere in the story, the rich whites will be the ones who somehow got the blacks addicted to the blood in the first place before turning them into junkies and making money off of them through the blood trade. That will be his way of using his story as a racial theme for drugs. That man will find some way to get race involved. I guarantee it. He can’t take a shit without race showing up.

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