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Download The ‘Lost Tales’ of Captain Ultimate For Free!

Last month, Monkeybrain released the first issue of their throwback title, “Captain Ultimate” (review here). The series harkens back to the days before Frank Miller and Alan Moore when comic book heroes weren’t quite so gritty and mean. Although the second issue won’t land for another few weeks, the team behind “Captain Ultimate” has just released a “long-lost pulp adventure” short story for free on their blog. When it comes to comic marketing, publishers are becoming less and less creative. Fortunately, this proves that we still have creators who care.

Head over to to download a free PDF copy of the a long-lost pulp adventure, “Appetite for Destruction,” starring Monkeybrain Comics’ Captain Ultimate.

The story is written by a fictional writer in the Captain Ultimate universe named Richard Richardson, who kept the hero alive once he disappeared through pulp fiction, comic books, radio serials, and more. It is actually written by “Captain Ultimate” scribes, Benjamin Bailey, Joey Esposito, and Boy “Boykoesh” Akkerman.

The ongoing Captain Ultimate comic book is also available on Comixology through Monkeybrain Comics.



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