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Nine Inch Nails Streaming ‘Hesitation Marks’ In Full

Industrial group Nine Inch Nails has released a full stream of their new album Hesitation Marks on iTunes. The album, which will be released in one week on September 3rd, is the band’s first new album in five years. Pre-orders are still open for the album here. Below is the David Lynch-directed video for “Came Back Haunted”.

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  • drfinkelstein

    I listened to the free stream last night. I wouldn’t say Hesitation Marks is bad, but it isn’t my favorite. It isn’t an album I would listen to straight through if I didn’t have to. I found it rather… well, boring. It sounds like one giant song.
    The best tracks are Hesitation Marks and Copy of A and that is rather sad.

    • drfinkelstein

      I meant Came Back Haunted. duh lol

    • JonathanBarkan

      Apparently you’re not the only one who is thinking this. The general consensus is that the album is very disappointing.

    • MrDisgusting

      I agree. It sounds like he’s been working on How to Destroy Angels too much. It lacks passion or something.

  • EvanDickson

    God forbid NIN challenge their fans! I’m surprised to see so many snap judgements. Also, I don’t know on what planet “Came Back Haunted” is better than “Copy of A.”

    “Came Back Haunted” is the most disappointing song I’ve heard so far *because* it sounds like old NIN. NIN by numbers. Everything else I’ve heard from the album has at least been an interesting change.

    There’s a weird thing going on with music these days where listeners seem to want the same album over and over again, rather than allowing the artists to become something different entirely. To me, it’s always welcome when an act sounds completely different from what they’re “supposed” to sound like.

    I remember when the Pumpkins put out “Adore” – fans flipped out because the Pumpkins are “supposed” to rock. Now, that’s considered to be one of their best albums.

    I’m not ranting at you guys in particular, just saying that I notice this more and more that fans expect bands to never change.

    • Brias411

      True NIN fans never expect the same album over and over, because Trent has never given us the same album. Over the last few years Trent has made major life changes. It is these changes that have put him into a different head space for this album. It’s not by any stretch of the imagination the best NIN album ever released, but for what it is, it ain’t bad.

      • MrDisgusting

        This is the first NIN album that doesn’t get an emotional response out of me. It’s just like, okay, I’m done. Play again? I guess…

        • EvanDickson

          That makes sense to me. I can easily imagine being disappointed if it doesn’t make you feel anything.

  • MrDisgusting

    Evan. The album is insanely disappointing. You haven’t even listened to the album yet, so how can you even say we’re overreacting!

    • EvanDickson

      I’m not saying you guys are overreacting, I’m just talking about a recent trend I’m noticing with a lot of people online.

      For instance, people being disappointed with “Copy Of A” – I really dig that song because it doesn’t sound like what they’ve been doing prior to this.

      I’m not saying the album’s good – you’re right I haven’t heard all of it.

      I’m just saying that I’m seeing a lot of arguments (not from you guys) about *a lot* of different artists that base their dislike on “this isn’t how [Act name here] is supposed to sound.”

      • MrDisgusting

        Copy of A is AMAZING. I wish there was another song with the same impact. It’s like ambient noise with weak vocals- HTDA

        • Josh

          Did we listen to the same album at all? With the exception of the opening, none of the songs feature ambient noise. Most the tracks are based around decently driving rhythm and at times almost straight up funk. The album doesn’t lack passion, it just lacks screaming fits from a 50 year old man.

  • MrDisgusting

    Also, its a fact: Came Back Haunted is better than Copy of A.

    • EvanDickson

      No way! Came Back Haunted is good, I like it – but it sounds like it could have been on Year Zero or With Teeth. Even if With Teeth is ultimately better than his new one (and it probably is) – I already have a copy of that. “Copy Of A” at least sounds new.

      I’d rather have a disappointing album of failed experiments than a good album that sounds exactly like one of their earlier works.

      • MrDisgusting

        The lyrics in Everything makes me think that his goal was to be different even if it meant falling on his face.

        • EvanDickson

          And maybe he did fall on his face! Looking forward to putting aside an hour next week and finding out.

          I also think it’s sort of like David Bowie at this point, there’s no way “The Next Day” was going to have the urgency of “Ziggy Stardust.” Album is a snapshot of where artist is in his/her life – which at this point includes HTDA and being married, happy etc…

          • MrDisgusting

            Totally true, although his recent resurgence and side projects made me believe he was immortal.

  • Brias411

    I just finished my first listen, and as someone who knows entirely too much about NIN, I have to say it’s not bad. It sounds like a mix of PHM and the Fragile. I still think that Everything is crap, but I’m also sure you could replace it “Maybe Just Once” and no one would notice. It is what it is. The days of depressed,addicted and angry Trent are gone, so we had to expect some kind of change.

    • MrDisgusting

      I hope it grows on me. I don’t hate it, I’m just underwhelmed

      • feck

        kick back with a fatty and some great headphones. That’s how I had my first listen, and I am totally digging it. His strongest album in 15 years.

  • Nothing333

    Nothing about this album is sonically interesting. It sounds very soulless and hollow. Trent is treading very familiar ground lyrically. I really think Trent should try collaborating with other people for his next album it’s just really stale.

  • Horror_God

    I really enjoy this album. But, I haven’t listened to a NIN album I didn’t like. They all have something different to offer. My favorite track right now is “Find My Way,” mainly because it really hits home with some personal stuff.

    And the reason some people may not experience any kind of emotional reaction to songs, on this album, is because maybe they are not going through any shit that they can relate to, through the music? Just a thought.

    We all grow up. Even Trent.

    And @Evan: I loved your Pumpkin’s “Adore” example. So true.

  • scaryjim

    I’ve listened to nearly every post Downward Spiral album with increasing disappointment, it’s the lack of experimenting that’s put me off.

    NIN is probably one of the last mainstream groups I follow. I predominantly listen to the more experimental electronic/industrial/house stuff. I always felt like Trent would be one of those artists that eventually stopped bothering about commercial success and really started challenging expectations.

    I absolutely loved GHOSTS. I really thought that was a milestone – ‘With Teeth’ felt like a desperate attempt to be relevant after a few years out of the spotlight although the subsequent releases did improve slightly, but when ‘Ghosts’ came out I thought Trent had decided to give up the slightly dubious teen angst schtick and had started really focusing on the music. Although I’ve kind of lost it with the NIN name now I hope at least through film soundtracks he can start challenging himself a bit.

    It’s got to be hard trying to play the angsty rock star when you’ve got a new major label deal and have a beautiful wife and child.

  • scaryjim

    About this album though- It feels like a bunch of songs put together, it doesn’t feel like a comprehensive album.

    Taken each on their own there is nothing terrible (although the Foo Fighters song took me right out of it). The production for me feels a bit too dense, in a bad way – guitars sound like a token addition- I can’t think of any memorable guitar lines- and I did cringe at some rock school licks that were buried in the mix. There’s no breathing room and they mostly add nothing. The vocal melodies are so repetitive it’s grating. I prefer the more funky sounding stuff (Copy of A). It’s when it slips into this lazy backbeat driven rock structure that I really fall asleep. I liked Copy Of A.

    I guess personally I prefer sample driven music, each sound exists in it’s own space and comes together to form a collage. For me that’s the main beauty of TDS and Ghosts, there’s some beautiful sound design that the music is built around. ‘Hesitation Marks’ seems to have been built primarily around sequenced beats. Although there are some interesting enough rhythms they’re not good enough to prop up the lackluster melodies.

    • Josh

      If you take out “everything” the rest of the album flows a lot better. Not to mention the last 5 songs literally flow into one another.

      • feck

        you’re right, Everything is different from the rest of the album. I’ve had it for a few days now, and really like it. And I love “Everything.” It’s like nothing he has done before, which is saying, it’s a pretty poppy song, ala the Cure. And I love that he actually harmonizes on that track, which may be the first time he has ever done so. The whole record is his strongest in since his first two, IMO.

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