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[TV] Hulu And Lionsgate Team Up To Bring You “Deadbeat”

Lionsgate is one of the bigger names in horror features and their TV division isn’t anything to shake your head at either. They’re behind “Orange Is The New Black” (which isn’t horror, but is really good) and the upcoming “Rosemary’s Baby” mini-series (which is obviously horror and hopefully good).

Now they’re teaming up with Hulu for the first time to bring you “Deadbeat“, a half hour web-series (which is pretty much like being a TV series these days given the Netflix revolution) that “centers on a hapless but gifted male medium who helps New York’s ghosts settle their unfinished business.” All 10 episodes of the initial season will be directed by Troy Miller (“Parks and Rec”, “Arrested Development”). Here’s hoping that they can bring some of their recent creative success to this new platform.

It’s being co-produced by Brad Pitt’s shingle Plan B and is expected to hit Hulu in the states next year. Lionsgate will distribute internationally.



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