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‘Manson Family Vacation’ Kickstarter Features Jay Duplass And Linas Phillips

We don’t cover very many Kickstarter projects here on the site. In fact, this is the first one I’ve ever written about! But it’s a cool project that seems worthwhile and I like the fact that the ambition of the thing actually seems to exceed the amount they’re asking for (I’m always wary of people who need like 200K for a interview based documentary that doesn’t need to be made). It’s called Manson Family Vacation and it stars Jay Duplass (behind such films as Baghead and Jeff, Who Lives At Home) and Linas Phillips (Bass Ackwards). The director is J. Davis.

As someone who is fascinated by serial killers I want to see this synopsis unfold, “Nick Morgan is a successful lawyer who’s devoted to his wife and young son. His adopted brother Conrad is a wayward soul who shows up in Los Angeles unannounced. Although the brothers have never gotten along too well, Nick decides to show his brother around town. But as it turns out, there’s only one thing Conrad wants to do in LA: visit the Manson murder sites. So, the brothers drive all over town & out to the desert to discover the secrets of The Manson Family and themselves.

Head below for the pitch video. You can find the project here if you’re so inclined.



  • joe666

    I loathe serial killer more than anything. I don’t get people “fascinated” by them. They’re just a bunch of cowards who think that they earned the right to take another life just to satisfy some urges. What is so fascinating about that? All these “fun” documentaries (with silly titles) and movies about them are doing only one thing: Glorify them and disrespect their victims. The media do it too by giving them surnames like they were some kind of superheroes or super-villains. And from the bottom of their prison cells, they actually enjoy it… Serial killers are as fame-whorish as a Kardashian and they get off on their celebrity status. So go ahead guys, offer them that satisfaction.
    PS: And don’t get me started with my avatar. I have no issue with fictional characters, even if they’ve been inspired by true criminals.

    • ZedtheUndead

      Oh man…first off let me say I don’t disagree with you, but dude,some might definitely see this as “trolling” or hypocritical not only because of your avatar but “joe666” doesn’t help ether, I’m just saying…not trying to be a dink here.

      • joe666

        Nope, not trolling.

    • ThunderDragoon

      So you have a problem with stuff like this, but you have Satan’s number in your username? Surely the ultimate evil is worse than “glorifying” serial killers lol.

  • joe666

    I don’t believe in Satan or some shit. Just because I listen to metal doesn’t mean that believe in Hell or the Devil or that I am in satanism. It’s just a reference and it’s as fictional to me as a slasher movie.

  • Sick_skwerl

    I totally agree. That’s why I hate titanic, because it glorifies icebergs. And twister because it glorifies killer tornadoes. And Beaches because it glorifies cancer.

    • joe666

      You do realize that icebergs, twisters and beaches are not actual people, right?

  • mav07

    I agree a million percent with Joe666. Anyone who knows what happened to Sharon Tate or has seen the crime scene photos would have to be a complete fucking ass hole to want to cash in on their nightmare.

    sick_skwerl, you can’t compare those things to the Manson case. Do some homework and see WHY Manson chose those victims. The guy is a piece of trash who wanted fame. Icebergs, twisters and beaches do not.

  • mav07

    and before you start referencing other horror films that were inspired by real life crimes, i’m not saying that it goes for all of them. The Manson case is different simply for the fact that he did it for fame or infamy.

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