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[Poll] Is ‘Event Horizon’ Amazing Or Terrible?!



Yesterday I wondered aloud on Twitter if I needed to re-visit Event Horizon because it seems that, over the years, the film has developed a rabid cult fanbase. Based on the reactions to a Horizon piece on this site a few weeks back, it seems like some of our own readers are nearing a consensus that it’s actually good.

That’s not how I remember it. Back in 1998 or 1999 I was hanging out with a few friends, having some beers while one of our mothers was out of town. One of my pals kept pitching us HARD on Event Horizon. He’d seen it in theaters and thought it was a masterpiece. Not content to just tell us it was good, he practically forced us to go out and rent it that very night. The first Blockbuster we tried? Out of stock. The second Blockbuster? Out of stock. On our way to the third d*mn Blockbuster I remember thinking, “man, this movie must be amazing! It’s rented out all over town!” Finally we got the thing on VHS and headed back to the homestead.

Now, this was obviously a long time ago so I remember very little about the actual film. What I do remember is the rage slowly simmering inside me as the viewing slogged on. By the time we got to Sam Neill with his eyes all messed up waxing philosophical about something (was he possessed?) I was totally checked out. By the time the film ended I was nearly apopleptic. So was the other guy who had’t seen the movie yet. We both turned to our friend – who we blamed for ruining our night – and just stared at him. He caved immediately, “maybe it’s not so great.

Of course, that was at least 14 years ago. And while I’ve liked a couple of the Resident Evil movies for the silly larks that they are, I can’t say I view Paul WS Anderson as the guy behind something truly “disturbing.” But a lot of people seem to dig this movie. Fellow journalist Devin Faraci told me on twitter that Alfonso Cuaron himself (Children Of Men, Gravity) – one of the few working directors I’d consider a genius – loves the film.

I tried to revisit Event Horizon this morning, but it won’t load for me on Netflix. I do plan on watching it though (and giving it a fair chance) once that “error” message goes away. In the meantime, I want to hear from you guys. Is this thing good? Bad? Somewhere in between? The trailer below seems slightly more impressive than what I remember seeing back in the 90’s.

So vote here in our poll now. I’ll be back with you soon to let you know if I changed my mind.