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[Toys] Mezco’s Super Cool ‘The Creature From The Black Lagoon’ Figure

Mezco’s award-winning design team journeyed deep into the unexplored depths of the Amazon jungle searching for fossils…instead they discovered “The Creature”! Mezco Toyz brings to life “The Creature,” from Universal’s sci-fi, horror gem, The Creature From The Black Lagoon.

“This Creature” variant is cast in Translucent Green material.

This iconic scaled terror from the deep stands 9” tall and captures the intricate detail of the pre-historic gill-man; from his mysterious amphibious eyes, to his claw tipped webbed hands.

With 11 points of articulation he’ll be able to take out any scientist who dares to come between him and his true love.

“The Creature” is packaged in a full color, collector friendly window box perfect for display.

This Mezco Summer Exclusive is a Limited Edition of 100 pieces here.



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  • Joe-Banger

    Not bad, I like the material its made from. You hardly tell its the creature from the black lagoon though. He’s always been my favorite Universal monster as well. This was a good idea! Thanks for shaing this Brad/BD!

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