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NARR8 Finally Launches On Windows Devices!

NARR8 announced today that they have finally brought their motion comics and interactive novels to Windows devices. For the past year or NARR8 has been putting out free interactive content that includes comics, novels, nonfiction, articles, graphic art, music, special effects, and even a self publishing platform. If you don’t already have the app, you would do well to download it.

There are some real quality horror comics and novels on there, and you can tell everyone involved is trying their hardest to create a unique digital experience. My personal favourite is “Fear Hunters” (pictured above and below), but there’s not just horror. There’s something for everyone… Seriously, the amount of content you get with this app for free is nuts.

This means NARR8 is now available on Apple, Android, and Windows products. Get on it.

Official Press Release:

Creative content channel NARR8 announces today the introduction of the NARR8 app in the Windows Store for Windows 8 devices. The app, which features fluid animation, quality art, full music soundtracks and interactive features, continues to expand its fan base by releasing its motion comics, interactive novels and nonfiction series to Windows users.

Originally launched on iPad and ranked No. 1 in the ‘Free Entertainment Apps’ section of Apple’s App Store, NARR8 received 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play upon its Feb. 2013 launch for Android devices, and available on Amazon for Kindle Fires, rated 4 out of 5 stars. The mobile app is now available for Windows 8 devices, beginning with the release of its dynamic motion comics series, which are updated with fresh, original content weekly, bridging the gap between books and television by delivering updates in an engaging episodic format.

“NARR8 brings an innovative approach to motion comics, interactive novels and nonfiction series, providing an easy way to find and interact with unique and engaging content on Windows 8,” said John Richards, senior director of Windows App Marketing for Microsoft Corp.

“Windows 8 offers a single, fast and fluid user interface for tablets, laptops, and desktops, and an attractive, bright design, both of which prompted NAR88 to release an app for Windows 8. Since Microsoft is so open to new app developers who can bring even more attractive features to their users, Windows seemed like a perfect fit for NARR8’s next platform. Windows 8 is focused on personalization and flexibility, which are both important features for an interactive mobile app like ours,” said Alexandr Vashchenko, President and founder of NARR8.

Additionally, NARR8 recently released Agency, a motion comic series that combines the fast-paced, high-pressure world of life at a startup company with the sizzling intrigue (and crazy misunderstandings) of a classic romantic tale. And, Prime Blood, for those who love mystery (and don’t cringe at the sight of a little lot of blood), brings another new motion comic to their mobile platform. This is all part of NARR8’s expansion to provide diverse types of content for our readers

To download the latest information and assets, please visit:

NARR8 is free to download through the Windows Store, Amazon Appstore, Apple App Store and on Google Play. For more news on NARR8 please visit the website. Facebook | Twitter | YouTube



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