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6 Terrifying Uses Of Mannequins In Horror Games!

The Train

This is a new game, having only released last month. It’s beautiful, haunting and more than a little unusual. My favorite thing about this game is how it builds up tension slowly. You’re not immediately thrown into a violent or horrifying situation, instead you wake up on a train, alone. When the game finally does aim to scare, it does so with a shit-out-your-spine level of success, as the world around you quickly transforms into something that’s truly horrifying.


Indie developer Matt Cohen’s Paranormal Activity inspired game, Paranormal, is one of my new favorites. Its scares are entirely random, procedurally generated at the start of each playthrough, guaranteeing each one is different from the next. More than a few of said scares revolve around the eerie art mannequins the game’s lead, an artist, has strewn about his house.

Have a better example of a freaky mannequin (or gaggle of mannequins) you’ve come across in a video game? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Pav

    When i first time played Condemned manequins realy scared the shit out of me – this is the most disturbing and scary moment in game ever (Condemned is absolute cult for me)

    • Adam Dodd

      Completely agree – that series is horrifying. I wish it would’ve found a big enough audience to get us a third game.

      • Pav

        Mistake was that they did not released C2 for PC where the game would have bigger audience – i wish they do that even today.

        • Pav

          How about an open “We want Condemned back” petition with (let me say 5000 signatures) that could be sent to SEGA or Monolith? What do you think Adam?

          • Adam Dodd

            I see a petition that was started in Nov 2012 with a little under 300 signatures accumulated so far. It might be better to just add to that.

    • MaliceinWhateverland

      Can’t agree with you more. I remember
      seeing them get closer and closer,
      & I couldn’t get out of there
      quick enough! Definitely an
      awesome series. Wish they
      had done more with them.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Ju-on: The Grudge has a really creepy mannequin level. In one part, you can hear a bunch of mumbling and when you turn the corner, it gets quiet and all you see are mannequins staring at you. There’s also a lot of things you hear that sound like the heads are turning or that one is walking after you. Anyways, great list, Adam! I voted on Insanity because that is easily the scariest game, in my opinion, on the list.

    • Adam Dodd

      I never played Ju-On, but the game definitely looked creepy. Maybe I’ll include it in a ‘part 2’

  • Roth

    As ThunderDragoon mentioned, JU-ON The Grudge has one. Coincidentally, in similar fashion, there’s one featured in Fatal Frame IV where the mannequin turns its head to look at you. Here’s a video of that scene:

    My pick goes to Condemned this round though.

  • Pav

    I didn’t know that this petition already exist. Probably not many people know that (From Nov 2012 only 300 signatures?).

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