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Lovecraftian ‘Lore’ Finds New Director To Hold Back Creatures…

In a major move for a neophyte director, David Green is going from a low-budget movie that almost didn’t see a release to potentially working on a big studio tentpole.

Says THR, Green made his directorial debut making a low budget sci-fi movie for Disney title Echo. But the project, with a budget in the $5 million range, sat on the shelf as Disney pondered how to open it before eventually selling it to Relativity.

Now Green has closed a deal to helm Lore, an adaptation of an IDW book/graphic novel written by Wood and T.P. Louise that has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson attached to star, pending scheduling.

The sci-fi actioner, with a script by Cory Goodman and Jeremy Lott, the Lovecraftian story “tells of a secret society of shepherds (they herd monsters) that has long held the line on the encroachment of mythological creatures, and when the succession line is broken in modern days, a woman finds herself shouldering the responsibility to stop the creatures’ return.



  • divisionbell

    I really hope that one day we start to get some true Lovecraft adaptations. Cthulhu, ATMOM, lurking fear or even Haunter of the Dark would be great!

  • 5 years ago I’d have made some dumb joke about this not being a WWE movie so why is the Rock in it, but since Southland Tales I’ve been impressed by his work. Hope its good.

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