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[Random Cool] Let These Hilarious “Hannibal” Gifs Whet Your Appetite!

While we wait for the second season of NBC’s “Hannibal” you can pass the time by feasting your eyes (sorry for all of the hacky eating puns – it’s early) on these hilarious Gifs of Mads Mikkelsen annoying Hugh Dancy (and everyone else around him) with his little jokes. I don’t think these could work without Mads’ slightly alien take on the character – but “Willemijn” really makes them sing on his tumblr. Check back often on that thing – it’s already been updated since I saw Sam Strange (our contributor Evan Saathoff) talking about them on Twitter this morning.

The tumblr layout is also designed in a way that the gifs look better than they do here. Definitely head over there.



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