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You Can Have Lunch With Uwe Boll For $2,500, Maybe?

Widely considered the worst genre director of the past decade, Uwe Boll is taking to Kickstarter to raise $500,000 to shoot Postal 2, you know, the sequel to the 2007 adaptation that nobody is asking for.

The rewards for helping Boll finance the sequel are absolutely gut-busting. For only $2,500 you can have lunch with a star of the film, although it’s unclear if Mr. Boll will be joining; there’s the $5,000 package, which allows you to name a character; $7,500 gets you a speaking role in the film; or why not plop down $10,000 to receive a credit as executive producer and have permanently access on the set in Vancouver/Canada? The hilarious kicker is that, for all of the aforementioned, flight, transfer and lodging are not included.

Says the page, Postal 2 will be a controversial comedy in which they take up current political issues. They will take the biggest scandals of our democracy, like the happenings about Julien Assange and Edward Snowdon, and show that there is no difference between our democracy and the prison camps in Russia or China.

Sounds FUN. Here, watch Boll, rocking a fake Oscar and wearing some cool shades, pitch you the starter.



  • Kroork

    Umm……..Never ever ever would I ever want to contribute to anything that man does nore would I ever want to hang with him… Ever!

  • ill pay $100 to go 1 round with him. Seriously.

  • sweetooth

    Honestly, Postal was actually a damn funny movie. I more or less hate all of his other movies (although Blood Rayne was decent trash with a good amount of solid gore) but I think a lot of people hate on this one without even having seen it.

    “Can you tell me the difference between…a duck?”

    • coldblood

      Loved POSTAL, and I don’t care what anybody says either.

      Also, STOIC was pretty damn good too.

  • Joey_Redballs

    How much to hogtie Uwe Boll,then kick him square in the nuts?

  • ThunderDragoon

    XD Really?! You’d have to pay ME to have lunch with him!

  • CTHL

    His “Rampage” (not based off the game of the same name -gasp-) was actually an extremely good movie, shockingly. “Stoic” too, was not complete trash. The rest, pretty bad.

    I’ve met him before, and he seemed a genuinely intelligent and funny guy. Too bad he doesn’t get that across film so well.

    That said, yea no, I’m not kickstarting his anything 🙂 (or anyone’s for that matter…)

  • mobstar67

    i know this sounds harsh but he’s quite possibly setting himself up for an assassination attempt…this guy is personally responsible for dumbing down an entire generation of movie goers with the crap he puts out on a consistant basis..
    for the record i am not condoning any harm to Mr Boll and i will admit to enjoying the opening scene to Postal..other than that he is the king of rubbish..

    • morrisseylikesburgers

      “personally responsible for dumbing down an entire generation of movie goers with the crap he puts out on a consistant basis..”

      Exaggerate much? It’s pretty commonly known that the guy makes bad movies. There are other people that are wayyyyyy more responsible for dumbing down film than Uwe.

  • Horrorgal1

    Can someone please get it through this guy’s head that he is a terrible director and writer.

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