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‘Outlast’s’ Murkoff Corporation Sounds About As Bad As Umbrella

Evil corporations are nothing new to the horror genre, and when Outlast hits Steam on September 4th, it looks like we’ll be given another greedy and all-powerful conglomerate to add to a pantheon that already includes the likes of Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corporation, F.E.A.R.’s Armacham and possibly Dead Rising’s Phenotrans.

In Outlast, investigative journalist Miles Upshur is searching the Mount Massive Asylum for something that can bring down the Murkoff Corporation, an entity that certainly seems to be up to no good. After the break I have an article that sheds some light on the corporation’s seedy charitable business and the real motivation for why Upshur is so set on taking them down.

By the way, if you haven’t pre-ordered the game, you can do so now on Steam for a 20% discount.

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