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6 MORE Indie Horror Games You Need To Play!



The Train

Mannequins. It has them, and yes, they’re horrifying. The Train is another indie horror game that offers an experience that’s wildly different from the norm. You’re not being chased, you aren’t tasked with collecting objects, etc. Instead, you’re on a train, alone, and creepy stuff is happening. There’s ghost orphans, puzzles, flashbacks and the aforementioned mannequins. If you’re in the mood for something that’s a little unusual, The Train won’t disappoint.

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While Pulse isn’t necessarily a horror game, there are times when the game definitely feels like one. In it, you’re blind, relying on a form of echolocation to find your way through each level. There’s a bit of puzzle-solving, mixed with some platforming, and even a few levels where you’re being chased by a giant hulking beast that isn’t afraid to eat your delicious face.

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