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6 MORE Indie Horror Games You Need To Play!


In Vanish, you’re lost in a series of labyrinthine underground tunnels. Or at least you think you’re alone. That thought is quickly proven false when you locate the tunnels’ only other inhabitant, a hostile creature that likes chasing you so it can do whatever it does freaky underground tunnel-dwelling creatures do to their prey. My guess is it isn’t pretty.

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Candles is a neat little indie horror game that is, unfortunately, plagued by a handful of annoying bugs. If you can get past those, you’ll be rewarded with a game that odd and sometimes genuinely unnerving experience. The Imp creature is cute enough to warrant a line of Candles branded Imp plush dolls, but don’t let that fool you. If you fail to get to a source of light in time, he will destroy you.

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