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[Random Cool] You Want A ‘Jurassic Park’ LEGO Set

Artist Sami Mustonen has proposed at Cuusoo a LEGO set based on Steven Spielberg’s 1994 Jurassic Park. With the 3-D re-release a major success, and the fourth film on the way in 2015, now is the perfect time for LEGO to build towards licensing rights from Universal Pictures.

Who wouldn’t want a LEGO version of Doctor Grant, the JP Jeep, and a giant build-your-own T-Rex?! Seriously… go and vote!

My proposed set would feature JP Main gate, JP Explorer (Tour car), Brickbuild T-Rex, Base/stand with also Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler & Dr. Ian Malcolm -minifigures,” stated Mustonen.



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