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[TV] HBO Destroyed “True Blood”; The Pain Goes Away In 2014

I told you two seasons ago that HBO had destroyed “True Blood”, and even outlined what they did to take the astounding vampire drama that was basically turned into “Heroes” (here’s the article from August 2011).

Now, HBO has announced that the 2014 seventh season will be the last, ending a few seasons bloated with nonsensical creatures and idiotic character arcs. I stopped watching awhile back, am I wrong in saying that nearly everyone in Bon Temp is now a creature?

Variety reports that the much-needed departure will come following a 10-episode season that will premiere next summer. Brian Buckner, who succeeded Alan Ball as showrunner, will preside over the final campaign of the series based on Charlaine Harris’ books.

“True Blood” was nominated for a drama series Emmy in 2010 and delivered a Golden Globe for lead actress Anna Paquin in 2009. That was before the show writers decided to turn it into Twilight



  • mav07

    good news. I was just saying they need to end this show. I’m glad they at least see that now, even if it is 1-2 seasons too late. The whole shit with Sooki being a fairy was stupid and getting worse with all the Warlo shit.

  • BornVillian

    The books, now there is where everyone is town is a creature of sort. I’m glad season 5 and 6 deviated from the books so much. Season 1 was pretty true with Season 2-4 roughly following the same template. I’m so glad they never introduced the were-tigers.

  • Ravinus

    It should have ended with the 4th season.

  • Darkness69

    I actually like season 6 – it was far better than season 4 for sure!

  • weresmurf

    You can hardly declare this a victory for yourself Mr Disgusting. It’s gotten 7 seasons. 7 years. That’s more than a lot of shows get. To be honest, it’s STILL miles better than a LOT of shows out there. Dexter is currently stinking up season 8. Had Dexter been Seasons 1 2 3 4 7+8 combined into one at this point we’d be in a better position but it’s SHIT at the moment, because it’s been running far too long, way too long. You’re bitching and whining about a show aimed at an audience that’s simply not you. I don’t get it though, it’s got the violence, the blood, the gore, the hammy acting, the fun, the melodrama… the only thing it doesn’t have, is your attention. You DID stop watching many years ago, so you really don’t have the right to continue criticising it like you do, why? Because you’ve got no idea what’s been going on yet you keep ranting like you’re an expert on the show. It’s definitely had a shit season or two but not every show is going to be Breaking Bad and be consistently great, but the last two seasons were damn fun in a way that returned to what it was meant to be like. Way better than season 5, 6 and so far 8 of Dexter, that’s for sure. 7 wasn’t so bad.

    • joe31183

      Dexter blows this goofy show out of the water. This past season of TB was a terrible joke. If there’s any indication this show should end this was it. Just because it’s campy doesn’t give it a pass when it comes to being completely stupid.

  • djblack1313

    both the current season of DEXTER and this past season of TRUE BLOOD have been for the most part REALLY bad. with TB it’s not as glaring (IMO) because the show has always been campy and not so serious. DEXTER on the other hand is now a full fledged comedy (unintentionally). it used to be an amazing show but it, like TB seemed to have overstayed their welcomes. better to go out while still on top/still good than to go out the way these 2 shows are going out.

    • joe31183

      This season of Dexter has been interesting. They’re bringing it back to the beginning with the idea of creating a new person for “the code.” Also helps explain how someone unfamiliar with the mind of a psychopath (Harry) would so effectively train Dexter. Season 6 was undoubtedly the worst. Last season finally showed us how Deb would deal with knowing what her brother is and season 5 was all about redemption from his guilt over being responsible for Rita’s death

  • Nightflyre9

    I lost interest in TB quite a while ago (maybe midway through Season 4 or so), and the only reason I’ve continued with it is because I started watching it with my sister and niece, and since they’re still loving it, I’m kind of obliged to continue watching it with them–although they DO know I don’t care for it anymore.

    I think the introduction of too many characters and too many plots is what killed it for me. In a show that only gets ten episodes per season, I think it’s essential to keep the focus on the main characters and to keep the story structured and accessible . . . that’s the essence of good story telling. Also, the lack of tension and suspense didn’t help, either. At some point, I just stopped giving a shit about the people of Bon Temps because I felt like the WRITERS didn’t really give a shit about them anymore. When it becomes a chore to keep up with a series, you know it’s time to let it go. This past season was abominably bad . . . just all over the fucking place and with nothing and no one to care about. A hot mess, if there ever was one.

    Of course, I’ll tune in next summer to see if they can actually manage a satisfying conclusion (not holding my breath), but I’m glad TB is coming to an end. Looking forward to the next (hopefully better-written and consistent) fantasy/vampire show from HBO. I hope there is one.

  • oneofthosedeadfckers

    True Blood truly died this season. Last season was tolerable (albeit barely) this season was utter shit as far as having a good story. There were throwaway arcs, A literal deus ex machina scene in the season finale (when Sookie’s granddad popped out of the portal to stop Warlo), and the villain hinted at in last season (Warlo) only becomes a villain in the last episode. Sam’s arc was a complete waste of time since it didn’t tie into the main story at all.
    Terry and Arlene’s arc was the best part of the whole season. The gore was good as always, the nudity was enjoyable but the writing is extremely inconsistent.

    As far as this season of Dexter goes, it started off great but the pacing is all over the place. I honestly have no idea how they’ll resolve all the bullshit in the final episodes, which is never a good thing.
    I liked last season a lot since it was a huge step up from season 6.

    • Nightflyre9

      “A literal deus ex machina scene in the season finale (when Sookie’s granddad popped out of the portal to stop Warlow . . .”

      Yes! I almost forgot about that nonsense. The whole Warlow story was nauseating to me. If they showed him and Sookie bathed in blurry golden light one more time, I think I would’ve thrown up. And, yes, Sam’s story line was completely daft and useless, as was anything to do with Alcide (who should have been kicked to the curb three seasons ago, along with all the other annoying white trash werewolves).

      I also fail to understand how there’s any suspense over Eric’s fate. You know damn well Pam will swoop in at the last second (as foreshadowed) and save his tall ass. A show with actual balls would have you believing that he actually COULD fry. And a show with even bigger balls WOULD cook him.

      • oneofthosedeadfckers

        The one character that should’ve stayed dead was Tara. She was an annoying cunt most of the time (the writing for her, like most characters on the show was hit or miss). It’s too bad Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones are the only shows really willing to kill off leads. If True Blood had killed off some of the main characters, it would’ve been a hell of a lot more interesting.

  • monstermartha

    It’s way past time that True Blood ended. It went way beyond stupidity… a long time ago. I hope HBO doesn’t mess up Game of Thrones like they did True Blood.

  • Nothing333

    Geez mr d. You give a way too passionate fuck for a show you supposedly don’t watch anymore.

  • franciseugene

    i don’t remember which season it was, but i remember the exact moment this show jumped the shark for me and began its steady decline into ridiculousness…

    “i’m a werepanther.”

  • MachetAY

    This show has always been pretty lame but the chicks are so hot its unreal. I’m happy to see it going away because I think its bad for horror.

  • Kwonkicker

    This season and season 4 were the best ones. The first two really set the bar. Third was an utter shit fest. The total suck ass Werewolves and constant in your face gay sexing was what killed it for me. Season 5 started good, but halfway went downhill simply do to boring and/or stupid characters.

    I figured it would end with the next one, there’s only so much it can do at this point. And please, compared to some of the bullshit of the books this is NOTHING.

  • devilmaycry26

    i tried to keep a interested in the show but it just got stupid to me. this pass season was just stupid n riddled with they ran out of ideas. warlow killed her parents n yet she has sex with him knowing this. the pam n eric thing should have been explored a long time ago. its clearly shows she has feelings for the dude. so why not have something there like a relationship. also sookie to me was turning into a ho lets be honest she was a ho a fairy one at that. the whole vampire virus thing. umm blade trinity comes to mind on that. jason being some vamp chicks slave. are you kidding me with that. seriously. as for tara whats the point in having her back. her feeding off her mom was to much. but now sookie is with the werewolf dude. this show just went down the wrong road n keep going .

  • Pulagatha

    Remember when this used to be about a girl in a bar in Louisiana? That show was never going to get better than the Night On The Sun episode anyway.

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