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Terry Gilliam Says “12 Monkeys” Series Is “A Very Dumb Idea”

The awesome 1995 “12 Monkeys” adaptation is getting the small-screen treatment, and director Terry Gilliam isn’t too thrilled about it, calling the endeavor “a very dumb idea”.

ScreenDaily clarified with Gilliam that he won’t be involved, getting these delicious quotes out of him: “I know nothing about that. That’s just ridiculous,” he states. “It doesn’t have anything to do with me and no-one has contacted me.

Asked his thoughts on a TV spin-off, he added: “It’s a very dumb idea. That’s what I think. If it was going to be any good it would have to be written by David and Janet Peoples, who wrote the film, otherwise it would just be another version of Time Bandits.

He ended with a little gem in reflecting back on his 1995 cult classic starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt: “The script was just wonderful and the cast turned out to be just brilliant – and I didn’t fuck it up too badly.



  • SonOfVoorhees

    I agree totally. Films are short with a twist, and 12 Monkeys had that at the end of it. Not going to spoil it. 🙂 Which is why it wont work. Like the Bates motel tv series, how will that work? Its a guy with mummy issues, kills a woman and dresses up like his mum. How can you stretch that out and make it more interesting than the original movie? Ok, i may be cynical, but some great movies thrive due to the ending. Like Sleepaway Camp would suck as a tv series when the highlight is the ending.

    Actually, off topic. Rob Zombies Halloween. Would it have worked better if young Michael Myers family life was perfect and happy? The point is he is just plain evil. So if he was raised in a perfect family yet still became the killer, that would work better?

    • thatenddown

      That’s actually the family Michael Myers had in John Carpenter’s original film, a pretty nondescript family, one you would find in any suburban neighborhood. No idea why Rob Zombie decided to turn that into a white trash family.

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