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Are DC’s 3D ‘Villains Month’ Covers Awesome Or Just A Gimmick?

DC’s big September event, “Villains Month”, starts tomorrow, with each title in the DCU being taken over by an iconic villain. As part of the event, DC will be shipping limited 3D motion variant covers for each book. While I admit I am excited to see how this event plays out, these 3D variant covers feel like nothing but a gimmick to me, recalling the horrible “foil variants” covers that plagued comic books in the 90s. Maybe I’m just an angry comic nerd, but when I see headlines like “DC’s 3D Covers Are The Most Amazing Thing To Happen To Comics”, it fills me with rage. If these are the best things to happen to comics, then the industry is in a sad, sad state.

Check out the first covers below, which will be in shops tomorrow. They are very limited in quantity, so if you are dying to get that extra dimension, move quickly.

What say you, humble readers?



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