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[Trailer Vs. Trailer] ‘Near Dark’ Takes On ‘The Lost Boys’!

Ah… 1987. Whereas 1981 gave us two seminal werewolf movies (An American Werewolf In London and The Howling) 1987 gave us two very distinct vampire films in The Lost Boys and Near Dark. Both films remain a part of the cultural conversation to this day (at least in our little horrific corner of the world) but they couldn’t be more different. Lost Boys is a glossy, campy romp with a truly genial (if dysfunctional) family at its center. Near Dark is a stark, poetic western that never once utters the word “vampire.”

Both films had commercial potential, but Lost Boys utterly crushed Near Dark at the box office. Joel Schumacher’s bloodsucking blockbuster was the first of the two to be released (July 31st, 1987) and by the time Kathryn Bigelow’s quieter, more disturbing film came along – the market had had enough. At least that’s the conventional wisdom, part of me thinks that Near Dark never really had a chance at being a hit, regardless of The Lost Boys. It was simply to dry and dour, perhaps too elegant even, for a mainstream 80’s breakthrough.

The trailers for these films tell roughly the same story – gloss vs. grit. I really dig both films, but its easy to see why audiences were swayed to check out Lost Boys – even if I prefer the trailer for Near Dark.



  • Raziel_cz

    I don’t know if it’s just my opinion, but Near Dark is unbelievably overrated. It has couple of good, even very good moments like the passage in a bar, but it’s also quite boring for the major part. Better lovestory than Twilight though. On the other hand, what isn’t?

    • BabyJaneHudson

      It had its moments, but after watching it about a year ago most of it is forgotten and I just can’t get over the ending – it seemed like such a cheap trick ‘cure’.

  • SonOfVoorhees

    I prefer Near Dark, my favorite vamp movie. But The Lost Boys is also a favorite of mine.

    Both had men falling for vampire woman, but as vampire are dead wouldnt this make it a necrophilia love story?

  • divisionbell

    Ah we really did get two excellent vampire movies that years. It’s a tough choice between which one is truly better. I think I lean more towards near dark, but lost boys is so much fun and has such a true 80s feel to it that’s it’s extremely close.

  • EvilDead-Deuce

    How is this even a contest, LOST BOYS FOR LIFE!!!

  • devilmaycry26

    lost boys is better because it has more memorable scenes and dialog. the characters were better and develop better. even the theme song is still good to listen to till this day and the music artist who took it as their own n performed artist like celldweller, aiden, seasons after.Nikki McKibbin check them out on youtube their pretty good. the original person of the song even did a little updated version as well. it was even on the show psych in a club scene. plus the quotes from lost boys are more member able like death by stereo or i try to make u immortal. you tried to make a killerrrrrrrrrrr. sorry but lost is better then near dark. near dark is boring n short to me

  • ThunderDragoon

    As my favorite vampire movie of all time, The Lost Boys easily wins this. I agree with the first comment, Near Dark is very overrated. It is a rather boring movie.

  • Bucknutz666

    Near Dark forsure…the lostboys is pure bubblegum!!

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