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How Would You React To A Meteor Prank Like This One?!

I’m pretty sure I would break some stuff after being pranked like this…

Watch as a fake window is built using an HD television, and how people react when they think they’re watching a giant meteor hit Earth. Hilarious stuff right here…



  • Beneviolence

    Oh, man, thank you so much for this. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  • flesheater24


  • ThunderDragoon

    That is horrible, but the best prank I’ve ever seen. XD I would fall for it too with all that vibration. I wonder how they did that part. Thanks for sharing this with us. That was great.

  • godless

    hahaha I’ve seen parts of this but never the full thing, thanks for that. I wonder if those participants got a free LG ULTRA HDtV out of the deal…

  • undertaker78

    Awesome prank. I would have probably lost my $h!t. lol

  • lilmarkuk

    guys its fake lol the tv is greenscreen

    can tell later on too when the woman is infront of the tv near the end

    LG have done this fake shite before where they put tv screens on the floor of a elevator then made it look like the floor wa falling away, but they forgot to edit out the greenscreen on the metal handbars on side of the elevator

    • Evil_Flip

      Yeah I was seeing the same thing. Though it could be that the only replace the end bit because the images on the screen weren’t the right language. Still though I don’t think this can ever look convincing, sure these 8K screens are very sharp, but I don’t see them generating enough light to mimic the sunlight coming through a window.

  • Evan3

    Yeah, that was a great ad/prank.

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