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‘Riddick’ Tops Box Office, Could Begin New Trilogy

Universal Pictures took a huge risk with Riddick, which stars Vin Diesel as the title character in David Twohy’s sequel to Pitch Black. Even during the film’s production, Diesel told Bloody’s Evan Dickson that there were more sequel in mind, which actually had me laughing a bit. Look who’s laughing now…

Riddick took over the box office this weekend pulling in an estimated $18.6M, which is a strong start for a third film in a franchise nobody every talks about. Easily one of the most unnecessary of sequels, Twohy and Diesel carry intense passion for the franchise, which was once built on the hopes and dreams of becoming the “modern” Star Wars (this was widely talked about before the release of the 2004 The Chronicles of Riddick).

With their passion, the Diesel fans that apparently exist, and great marketing by Universal, it appears that Twohy and Diesel can begin putting the ideas for a fourth film down on paper (they’ve openly stated they want to explore the Underverse and Furya in the next film).

Here’s Evan Dickson’s review of Riddick.




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