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‘Dead Rising 3’ Will Have Multiple Endings, Less Linear Leveling System

Capcom Vancouver producer Mike Jones recently chatted with OXM UK about their upcoming Xbox One launch title, Dead Rising 3 and some of the exciting features we can look forward to seeing from it, including the confirmation that it will feature 6 to 10 possible endings that are determined by the decisions you make throughout the story.

That’s not all — according to Jones they’ve also tweaked the character leveling system, which now grants attribute points, similar to an RPG, that can be assigned to different categories. More after the jump.

“Previous Dead Risings would always have modes like the Overtime mode, where you get to discover the truth behind everything that’s been going on,” Jones told OXM. “So there’s not just the six days, we’re going beyond that if you make the right story decisions. So it’s not like choose-your-own-adventure crazy infinite endings, there’s a finite amount, but they all [correspond to] meaningful story decisions that you make as you play through.”

Sounds good to me. I wasn’t immediately sold on Dead Rising 3 when it was first announced back in June, but it looks like Capcom is doing a fine job balancing the series’ grittier new approach to creative undead mayhem with that distinct zaniness that made Dead Rising such a hit in the first place.

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