UPDATED* Tomaselli Begs to Direct ‘Evil Dead’ Remake

I can’t think of anyone in their right mind who would want to have an Evil Dead remake hanging over their head for the rest of their career- one slip up means death my horror fans for life (we’re unforgiving bastards). Well talented directed Dante Tomaselli, who just completed his film Satan’s Playground is willing to put his balls in a vice grip for one of his most beloved franchises. Read on for word from Dante (update inside)…
Dante tells Movieonline:

Needless to say, I’d love to direct an Evil Dead project. I’ve been wanting to make an all-out zombie splatter film for a long time. Something hard-core and gory as hell. I like that Tapert wants to produce a film that is an “assault.” I have a track record…3 features now — and I can certainly work on low budgets.

Hell, I even have Ellen (Cheryl from the original) Sandweiss in my new film, Satan’s Playground. She had so many interesting stories to tell about the making of the original. I’m planning on shooting THE OCEAN next, but I’d drop everything if this opportunity presented itself.

I’m a die-hard Evil Dead fan; I saw the cult classic in 1981 in theaters when I was 11.
-Dante Tomaselli


As he further explains in his email:

“I’ve had a lot of practice making low budget — shot on film — indie
movies with budgets ranging right around Evil Dead’s $350, 000. I know horror fans
hold The Evil Dead sacred. I’m aware that many are ferociously against
another one happening without the original cast and director. I feel their pain –
I agree. I wish Raimi would direct it. I’m a fan of the original — big time.
But the director and producer have already stated that Raimi won’t be
directing. They’ve put the word out there — that they are looking for a director.
So, as a hard-core Evil Dead fan and an indie horror director, it just makes
sense for me to be interested. I’m not begging for the job as your headline
read – I’m just putting my name into the mix of directors being considered. I
respect the integrity of the original so much. Believe me, I would never want
to hurt its legacy.

Source: Movieonline