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[TV] Next On “Dexter”: A Look Ahead Part III!

After last night’s shocker, Showtime’s “Dexter” continues next Sunday, September 15, in the 11th episode of the series finale.

Episode 8.11, “Monkey in a Box,” Dexter is torn between fleeing the country with Hannah and Harrison, and taking Saxon out once and for all.

Monday morning Showtime shared “Look Ahead Part III”, which teases the final few episodes of everyone’s favorite serial killer drama.

Watch a promo and two clips here:



  • goasklucy

    Is Dexter ANYONE’s favorite serial killer drama, at this point? I’ve honestly never been so disappointed in the conclusion of any form of media as I am with this season of Dexter. Every week I come closer and closer to giving up and just reading whatever spoilers are already only/reading synopses of the finale.

    • goasklucy


  • djblack1313

    this show is now an abomination. i can’t believe a show that used to be so good (seasons 6 and now 8 are unwatchable) is having it’s final season be so cringe-inducing.

  • Vampire_Mistress

    Honestly everyone needs to stop hating! This has been an amazing series from start to finish (well except Season 5, that was horrible) but I absolutely love Dexter and no one knows how its going to end yet so just stop….now if it has an ending like The Soprano’s or Oz…I will be very very disappointed!

    • djblack1313

      Vampire, i’m glad you like every single thing in ever single second but this season is atrocious. i love seasons 1-5 and i liked season 7. you REALLY think Deb having romantic feelings for Dex was a good storyline (that they thankfully just dropped)??!!! you really think this season is good?

      it IS possible to love a show but to also be honest enough to accept and acknowledge when that show has poor writing/poor whatever/etc in it. this season of DEXTER is an abomination.

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