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If You’ve Got $30,000 Laying Around, You Can Have A Spotify-Equipped Coffin

Swedish firm Pause Ljud & Bild has announced their CataCombo (I see what you did there) Sound System coffins, which come equipped with two-way speakers and a Spotify account to stream music into the grave. The two-way speakers will play music inside the coffin and will also play music through the headstone next to a display that feature the current track. The entire setup costs a paltry $30,000.

Hey, if you’re gonna lay there all dead and stuff, why not blast some tunes for your gravemates? And think of all the hilarious songs you could use just because their title is so appropriate for the situation? “Living Dead Girl”, “Children Of The Grave”, “Take This To Your Grave”, etc… The possibilities are almost endless! (unlike your life)

Head on down for a product demo video and make sure to check out the official website for more information.

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  • And vampires everywhere rejoiced for the chance to listen to streaming music whilst sleeping in the daytime hours

  • HorrorManiac666

    Hope everyone in the cementary I’m buried in likes Go To Hell by Alice Cooper cause that shit is playin 24/7.

    • Darkness69

      Hahaha, good one, man!

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