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[TIFF ’13 Review] Ti West’s ‘The Sacrament’ Is Disturbing, and Drenched In Dread!

Mike Pereira continues to ravage through this year’s Toronto International Film Festival titles, this time relishing The Sacrament, from genre fav Ti West (The Roost, The House of the Devil, The Innkeepers, V/H/S).

“The Sacrament might very well be West’s finest work to date. His growth as a filmmaker hits new peaks,says Mike in his review of the found-footage docu-style horror movie set it a Jonestown type cult where we watch a mass suicide begin and the filmmakers are trapped inside.

“The Sacrament is more of a psychological thriller than anything else,” he continues. “This is real life horror with an antagonist more monstrous than any made up one. This is a figure cut right out of the headlines.

He adds: “It crawls under your skin and stays there long after it’s over.

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  • divisionbell

    I am very curious about this. It sounds like it might be a realistic version of Safe Haven from VHS2.

  • llcc1103Filmmaker

    Yea, I find this interesting as Ti West worked on VHS 1. Safe Haven looks like a huge rip off of what this seems to be about, considering this was shot before VHS2. I wonder if West gave the director of Safe Haven the go ahead or theres some behind the scenes issues. anyhow this looks sick

  • Mainvince

    This makes me very curious. Really have to see this one. I like the docu style horror. Hope this adds something new to the genre. Have a feeling it will.

  • undertaker78

    Safe Haven was the one terrible piece in VHS 2.

  • Matthew

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