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[Remember This?] Paying Tribute To The Sleaziest ‘Friday The 13th’ Entry!

When director Danny Steinman died last year at the age of 70, we lost the only person who could offer firsthand perspective on what the hell it must have been like trying to govern the set of Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning. Out of all of the films in the franchise, the making of Part V was notorious for its rampant cocaine use and general bad behavior.

While I don’t have any doubt that a considerable about of screen time is devoted to this in the upcoming Crystal Lake Memories documentary (at over 6 hours, they’ve gotta spend at least 40 minutes on this one alone), it’s fun to imagine the ways in which the real life excesses bled over into the making of the film. First of all, you’ve got Demon – a guy who can sing to his girlfriend mid bowel-movement! He’s a true multitasker (with a trunk full of junk food – not a euphemism)! But that’s not all! This is a slasher movie so gloriously out if its mind that they have a non-villain character murder a chubby guy for talking about his candy bar too much. Even the boobs in the film, a normal slasher staple, somehow feel wrong. The characters at the halfway house? Mostly despicable. Our hero? A sweaty mute.

A New Beginning isn’t a movie like Jason Lives that you can put on any old time. Everything about it, from the photography on down to the killer’s reveal, makes me want to take a shower. I applaud this.

What’s your favorite moment from this weirdo installment? Also, if you live in LA remember that we’re screening the first four films on Friday to celebrate the Blu-ray release of “Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection” (you can buy the tickets here)!




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