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[TIFF ’13] More Festival Drama As Audience Member Becomes ‘Afflicted’



While everyone always thinks it’s a PR stunt, when an audience member is affected by a genre movie at a film festival, it’s real. From my own experience at least…

THR writes that Afflicted, a found-footage take on the vampire genre, tapped into the Midnight Madness vein Monday night with a world premiere that had audiences jumping out of their seats.

In fact, Afflicted can take the prize for being so intense that one young man became woozy, hyperventilating as he stumbled out of the screening and barely managing to make it to a bench to get himself together, says the site.

All good signs for the debut of Canadian filmmakers Derek Lee and Clif Prowse, who wrote, star in and directed the micro-budget “vampire documentary” about two friends traveling through Europe. Their trip of a lifetime veers into the horror zone when one of them is bitten and gets sicker and sicker.

The movie, already picked up domestically by CBS Films, is said to have shades of Paranormal Activity, [REC] and Chronicle, and offer effective scares.

The movie now heads for its U.S. premiere at Fantastic Fest, the Austin-based genre film festival that runs Sept. 19-26.

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