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[Caption Contest] Win A Signed ‘I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream’ Box Set!

UPDATE: This contest is now CLOSED — big thanks to everyone who participated!

We’re giving away signed box sets of the disturbing PC classic, I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream, courtesy of the fine folks at Released in 1995, I Must Scream is a super creepy point-and-click adventure game based upon Harlan Ellison’s short story of the same name. It was co-designed by Ellison, who co-authored the expanded story-line and dialogue, and even provided the voice for the supercomputer “AM”.

The prizes we have are two box sets, which include the game, its strategy guide and a mouse pad signed by Ellison himself. All you need to do take home this bounty is comment on the awesome image I have waiting for you after the jump.

To win one of these exciting prizes you’ll need to provide a caption for the below image, which may very well be one of the best book covers I’ve ever seen. Like all our caption contests, you can submit multiple captions — the only rule is you limit it to one caption per comment, and all comments must be posted on this article. Tweets, emails, etc. will not be considered.

I’ll be choosing the winners a week from now, on Tuesday, September 17th, so be sure to check your inbox on that date for a message saying you’re the most awesome person and you’ve won one of these beautiful prizes. Speaking of prizes, here’s a look at what we’re giving away:

Pretty great, right? If Tuesday comes and goes and you aren’t chosen, don’t fret, you can always grab the digital version, sans all the physical goodies you see above, on for $5.99. Now get to work!

Have a question? Feel free to ever-so-gently toss Adam an email, or follow him on Twitter and Bloody Disgusting.



  • Sick_skwerl

    My plastic surgeon went to the Dali School of Medicine

  • JasonNawara

    I have a gold ball on my head and I can not itch.

  • Blood-Sicles

    He has two legs protruding from his chin, but cannot walk? How come I’ve never heard of this game before? Sounds creepy as hell.

  • and at that moment, Hunter S. Thompson decided to get sober.

  • CoreyJ

    Ever have a song you just couldn’t get out of your head?

  • AaronDaMiller


  • KingRidley

    While pokemon has always had some darker elements, some critics feel that Nintendo is taking things a bit too far with their newest generation.

  • KingRidley

    “Last night I had one of those ‘nervous about an interview’ kind of dreams. I don’t remember many details, but I think there was a yolk on my face. I guess the rest couldn’t have been too bad, right?”

  • James

    Wow, Justin Beiber went DARK on his new album!

  • Poorboy

    Gimmee Gimmee !!!

  • KingRidley

    I have no mouth, but I’ll lend you my ear.

  • bigsick

    One of the many faces of Terence Mckenna on DMT.

  • Euroboy


  • anjoylus19

    Doesnt matter if you see it, hear it-speak it or not-its all evil..

  • firedog93551

    Re-unite someone who worked on the game with the fruit of his labor! ME!

  • beachnaturalist

    The messages kept coming all night, every night, slipping sibilants sliding in and out of his ear until the secrets began to surface on his face.

  • Moritz

    holy blood, I want one so bad. I’ve been seeking this game on ebay for decades, there’s finally a chance to get it. :fingers crossed: awesome game, decent short story.

  • REmake

    I heard that, AM.

  • murjo

    “Hell is other people” Sartre
    “We’re here to fart around” Vonnegut

  • murjo

    Enlist for Chernobyl firefight team they said. It’ll be fun they said.

  • Jermster238

    I’m sorry, did you say something?

  • missingpluto

    Hey,look! It’s the one man band! He can honk, clap, and tap his feet away! Too bad he can’t sing.

  • DomenikSinead

    ”You Can Scream,You Can Whisper, But Anybody Will Hear You, Your Mouth It’s Shout Forever….”

  • REmake

    Is this a new release disc? If not, it’s going to take some fanangling to get this to work on modern systems. Also you used to be able to order signed books and a signed copy of the game from Ellison himself not too long ago off his website.

  • Wyckid

    “Official Muppet Translator”

  • murjo

    In space, no one can hear you scream.
    Mainly because you have no mouth.

  • Gage443556

    After listening to Justin biebers new song he was never the same again

  • ladysam2

    Hey, my names necklegs, people call me nomouth, you can call me goldeneye but, I am god listen to my brain work!

  • ladysam2

    If i had sex with your mom you would hear me thinking about it.

  • Glennus

    Speaking only goes so far, listening is where the true story begins.

  • jesty86

    I asked if FedEx came yet. He said, “No, but I’ll keep an ear out.”

  • murf

    maybe shes born with it…maybe its maybelline.

  • TheGeckoNinja

    i guess you could say
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    he has egg on his face

  • Ian

    Problems only monsters have: Laying awake nights wondering how you’ll feed the tiny family that lives in your ear.

  • Ian

    The exact moment when Harry realized that his lack of a mouth was really the least of his problems.

  • Level_Select

    I have no comment and I must post.

  • BornVillian

    I have girls partying in my ear bro. I’m doing just fine.

  • BornVillian

    Lady Gaga has out done herself yet again.

  • BornVillian

    Visiting your grandparents through the eyes of a child.

  • BornVillian

    Before there was the universe, there was only swag.

  • BornVillian

    I’m just going to tell you up front, there is no free candy.

  • Schmageggey

    ― Harlan Ellison
    It don’t get much better than that does it folks?

  • ChrisLaBombard

    I’ve got a big head and little arms, I don’t think this was a good idea

  • KaiSan

    Who knew the inside of a Bosch painting could have such a kickin’ soundtrack?

  • kulana88

    I listen to your words of horror and death and I relish in it’s grotesque nature. Free of purity and innocence. I am unable to speak because my mouth has been sewn shut but as you recite your words of lust and damnation I forget my suffering. I love every minute of it. Your mouth is a vile and disgusting tool used to deliver the devils bidding. It is pure horror and it turns me on.

  • BornVillian

    PLease do not twerk in my horn.

  • BornVillian

    Warts wrong? Eye see you’re upset.

  • ljbad

    I have no insurance and I must get a doctor to check out all these crazy growths!

  • pyrepunk

    Boys of Silence ain’t got nothing on me!

  • Send-More-Cops

    Why, yes, I am. Why do you ask?

  • Send-More-Cops

    The worst part?
    The people in my horn only sing “Blurred Lines.”

  • Send-More-Cops

    Mmmph mmpph? Mmmph-mmmm-mmmph…
    :removes sunglasses:


  • Send-More-Cops

    You know what I can’t stand? A giant head with no mouth and a bunch of…

    I’m…I’m standing in its ear-horn, aren’t I?

  • Send-More-Cops

    Well, at least he’ll never spoil Breaking Bad for us.

  • Send-More-Cops

    Oh, I get it.

    He’s the NSA, right?

  • Send-More-Cops

    I don’t know much about art,

    but dear god what is this?

  • Send-More-Cops

    Oh, I’m not a product of a sane earth…

    …but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

  • CurlyBurl

    I have no mouth and I must ask this woman to please stop dancing in my ear canal.

  • Aaron Korhonen

    Mmm, Ellen looks so beautiful when she’s asleep…

  • MonkeyShadow

    I used to be in BioShock Infinite but then my mouth disappeared !

  • MonkeyShadow

    Who the f*** cracked an egg on my head !?

  • GrimDingo

    Man, Naked Lunch on audiobook is weird.

  • GrimDingo

    Gramophone technology has really come a long way!

  • GrimDingo

    I have no mouth but I can DANCE!!

  • Brian

    His head must have been conceptualized by a woman.

  • liz1259

    are we supposed to comment here or on the facebook page? well anyway i’m just gonna copy and paste what I wrote on the other page:heres my comment! I’ve been a member of the website since before the zombie army, and when the site only had movies on it. I was a fan a year before the official bd review for “soft for digging” was on the site… so you know I love the site. before I watch any horror movie I gotta check with bd first to know if its worthwhile or not!

  • BloodyMage

    Okay, Okay, enough work on the ear hole, can we get started on working on the mouth hole, come on?

  • KOSjasta

    The tree of knowledge holds my head, but my mind has left again.


    Who knew the voices in my head, were actually people in my ear

  • BornVillian

    Will scare kids for food.

  • BornVillian

    If you’re going to take a picture be sure to get my good side.

  • BornVillian

    Alan Rickman looks so different out of costume.

  • Laugh Riot

    nuff said!!!!!!!!

  • Laugh Riot

    Monsters, lost children, dead people, crazy cults and now this… What the hell am I looking at now… F#%K Silent Hill seriously!!!

  • Laugh Riot

    My thought are so suicidal they’re killing themselves….

    • Laugh Riot

      My thoughts are so suicidal they’re killing themselves.

  • Laugh Riot

    They said they had such sights to show me… Is this it???

  • Laugh Riot

    Imagineering and silent hill don’t mix so well…..

  • Laugh Riot


  • Laugh Riot

    When, Lord?! When the hell do I get to see the god damn sailboat?!

  • Ian

    Man, the mafia has gotten really mean spirited to those who talk too much.

  • Slav

    Damn, I look pretty!

  • StellaNight

    I’ve never played this game, but would like to!

  • Laugh Riot

    Don’t you know what this means Doctor?
    It means the last few sane thoughts have fled…..
    She didn’t notice that scissors went missing from her desk before I sat down for my appointment….

  • Laugh Riot

    I want the meds that made me see cute bunnies back.

  • lray801

    After careful consideration, the NSA decided not to change their current logo to one emphasizing their listening ability.

  • Mr.Basically

    You should see the look on whats left of your face

  • Mr.Basically

    You heard of the natural… He is the synthetic.

  • Mr.Basically

    Forever alone.

  • Mr.Basically

    I think I am a potato therefore I yAM

  • Mr.Basically

    “They are still in your ear. Left. No, my left.”

  • Gbone

    “Why do I hear ABBA?”

  • GSalander

    ” Behold… the reality of it all. You will be so scared won’t even be able to mouth the words ‘help me’.”

  • chanceit9

    “I have no tongue and I must twerk”

  • chanceit9

    “The new ultra compact 52 sq ft model unit by Ikea”

  • Corpsegoddess

    “Sorry, I can’t Hier you…I seem to have a Bosch in my ear.”

  • ElOl

    “Im the writer; in my head Im transforming meaningless things I can see (like copper spheres) into people (real as you and me) and… lovecraftian horrors (like trees made of hands). Yep, it’s kinda creepy.”

  • Protokosmos

    A papa-oom-mow-mow, a papa-oom-mow-mow.

  • Roth

    This tree branch help keep my head from tipping over while these little people find muse in the sound that’s coming out of my ear.

  • Protokosmos

    Gag me with a…never mind.

  • SemiCircle

    Women soon regretted asking science to create the ideal boyfriend.

  • SemiCircle

    “Do you have any tiny Lean Cuisines? My ear family’s getting restless.”

  • SemiCircle

    “Man, the bacteria under that guy’s fingernails is LOUD!”

  • DarkestKnight

    portrait of Andrew Dice Clay’s hell. An eternity of listening to women but never able to see them.

  • EKMD

    No longer shall I protest.

  • EKMD


  • Laugh Riot

    If this is enlightenment… Maybe being stupid isn’t such a bad thing…

  • Laugh Riot

    Miley Cyrus twerking in front a nuclear reactor didn’t help her looks.


  • Protokosmos

    My little people are doing the Safety Dance again.

  • MIus99

    “Man, if having tiny legs and arms, a huge ear and so much earwax there’s people living in it, I woke up today and what do I see in the mirror? A HUGE pimple in my forehead! Gahh, this makes me want to scream…. oh, wait!!!!”

  • MIus99

    “Man, if having tiny legs and arms, a huge ear and so much earwax there’s people living in it, wasn’t enough, I woke up today and what do I see in the mirror? A HUGE pimple in my forehead! Gahh, this makes me want to scream…. oh, wait!!!!”

  • Lou

    No Genie, I said I wanted a LOT of head!

  • Lou

    Q Tips are costing me a fortune!

  • Lou

    Can’t talk, can’t eat, and now squatters?!!?

  • Bloodgear

    Since the dawn of time, there’s always been a woman in Man’s ear.

  • Thagen

    Listen Carefully and you can hear my mind screaming

  • Protokosmos

    I heard a good joke about this guy on the transplant waiting list.

  • legendofganon

    Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.

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