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‘DayZ’ Dev Blog Details Redesigned UI, Item Degradation

Written by Jason Nawara, @JasonNawara

Remember when we thought the DayZ standalone was coming in 2012? We were fools. Remember when we thought we were going to have it by the summer of 2013? Ha! We were so young and foolish. So, so young.

The wait has been agonizing, but it’s dev blogs like this one from DayZ creator Dean Hall that makes me realize we have something very special when it eventually comes to us (please, soon). Take some time out of your day(z) and watch this new video blog, where Dean Hall demonstrates the new item degradation system, player restraining and a brilliant new UI that looks eons better than it did in the mod.

You know, with GTA V, the next-gen consoles and the holiday rush of games, I say take your time, Dean. I’ve waited so long for this game, I think I can wait a few more months. Take your time, get it right. It looks like things are coming along great and I can’t wait to take prisoners and start a blood farm somewhere outside Berezino (yes, you can do this in the game).

Just don’t take too long.



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