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It’s Blatantly Obvious That David Draiman Produced The New Trivium Record

Metal band Trivium has released an official music video for their new track “Strife”, which comes from the band’s upcoming album Vengeance Falls (out October 15th via Roadrunner Records). While an okay, admittedly catchy song, the main thing I noticed was just how blatantly obvious it was that David Draiman (Disturbed), Device) produced the record. The vocal stylings of singer Matt Heafy were just way too similar to how Draiman sings for it to be a coincidence. Head on below to listen to the song and let me know if I’m just hearing things or not.

You can pre-order Vengeance Falls here.

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  • j.c

    I can hear it in there. but it doesn’t really bother me. I like the song and wanna hear the rest of the album.

  • sonicvomit

    I despise David Draiman’s vocal style but I thought this was pretty good. Heafy used to have a great roar/sing combo but has shied away from it on the last few albums, for some reason.


    I don’t get the hype behind this band…

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