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[TIFF ’13 Review] ‘Oculus’ A Nightmare That Heads Into Uncharted Territory!

Heading into its premiere limping, it looked as if there was something wrong with Mike Flanagan’s Oculus. The reports out of the ongoing Toronto International Film Festival were that the producers and distributor FilmDistrict had parted ways, leaving this found-footage horror seeking a new distributor. With FilmDistrict being on the forefront of genre films, it gave the appearance that Oculus may be a bad movie.

Holy hell it’s not, at least says Bloody Disgusting’s Mike Pereira, as well as the intense buzz out of the Toronto fest. In fact, Mike tells me that Oculus, starring Karen Gillan, Katee Sackhoff, Brenton Thwaites, Rory Cochrane, Annalise Basso, and Garrett Ryan, could end up being the best horror movie he sees this year!

The experience of watching Oculus is that of being caught in an unrelenting nightmare you just can’t wake up from,” says Mike in his review.

He adds, “It’s uncharted territory when the audience has no clue where the film will go from edit to edit. It’s a revolutionary way in which to play out a horror set-piece.

[It’s] best horror film I’ve seen in some time.

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  • divisionbell

    The director of Absentia you say? I’m in! His first movie was shockingly well done and creepy. Also incredibly lovecraftian. Can’t wait for this!

  • Mayday

    I was not impressed by Absentia, but look forward to seeing Oculus. Looks great and has hotties Karen Gillan and Katee Sackhoff!

  • Blood-Sicles

    After hearing so many good things about this film, I’m really wondering why FilmDistrict would dump it? Well I’m glad they aren’t settling for VOD, and if this is anywhere near as good as Absentia was I’m gonna love it. Can’t wait.

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