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Leaked ‘Jurassic World’ Pitch Trailer For Movie or Game?

Below is a leaked “pitch trailer” for Universal Pictures’ newly announced Jurassic World that allegedly (I’ve been using that world a lot lately) was shown at Celebration Europe II. One side claims it’s a trailer, created by Iain McCaig (he’s concept artist and designer of Darth Maul), to sell Colin Trevorrow’s vision to the studio. The other side – and there’s a lot of naysayers – who state this is for a cancelled video game. There’s been no official word on either end.

Either way, I wasn’t won over by the footage, which looks like nothing more than Sharknado 2 (I understand this is just temporary effects work, but it still didn’t give me shivers). Frankly, if I don’t see practical effects work mixed in with CGI, I’m not going to be a happy camper.

Said to be about an actual, operational theme park, Jurassic Park‘s latest sequel will open worldwide in 3-D on June 12, 2015.




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