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[Poll] What’s YOUR Favorite ‘Friday The 13th’ Movie?!



You guys know I’m a huge Friday The 13th fan. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be spending all night tonight hosting a screening of the first four films (tickets here if you’re in LA)! You’ve also probably read my personal F13 Rankings! But now it’s your turn! After all, Friday The 13th is practically a Horror Holiday and it belongs to everyone! Hell they’re all out on Blu-ray for the very first time too with “Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection” (at least it’s the first time for most of them).

Do you like the simplicity and innocence of Friday The 13th? The pastoral beauty of Part 2? Jason finding his mask in Part 3? The Jarvis family, Crispin Glover and overall technical competence of The Final Chapter? How about the sleazy fun of A New Beginning or the legit narrative of Jason Lives? Maybe for some reason you dig The New Blood (it does have the best Zombie Jason design) or are homesick for the dangerous Manhattan of the late 80’s. Maybe you’re a really big “Silver Spoons” fan and watch Jason Goes To Hell every d*amn night. You could also be one of the folks who revel in the twisted futurism of Jason X or dig the NOES structure of Freddy Vs. Jason. You could also be one of the smart folks like me who realize that Friday The 13th (2009) is pretty damn good!

Whatever the case, vote below! And tell us why in the comments!