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[Poll] What’s YOUR Favorite ‘Friday The 13th’ Movie?!

You guys know I’m a huge Friday The 13th fan. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be spending all night tonight hosting a screening of the first four films (tickets here if you’re in LA)! You’ve also probably read my personal F13 Rankings! But now it’s your turn! After all, Friday The 13th is practically a Horror Holiday and it belongs to everyone! Hell they’re all out on Blu-ray for the very first time too with “Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection” (at least it’s the first time for most of them).

Do you like the simplicity and innocence of Friday The 13th? The pastoral beauty of Part 2? Jason finding his mask in Part 3? The Jarvis family, Crispin Glover and overall technical competence of The Final Chapter? How about the sleazy fun of A New Beginning or the legit narrative of Jason Lives? Maybe for some reason you dig The New Blood (it does have the best Zombie Jason design) or are homesick for the dangerous Manhattan of the late 80’s. Maybe you’re a really big “Silver Spoons” fan and watch Jason Goes To Hell every d*amn night. You could also be one of the folks who revel in the twisted futurism of Jason X or dig the NOES structure of Freddy Vs. Jason. You could also be one of the smart folks like me who realize that Friday The 13th (2009) is pretty damn good!

Whatever the case, vote below! And tell us why in the comments!



  • mobstar67

    no contest in my opinion..part 2 is by far the strongest part of the franchise…following that would be part 1,reboot 2009,part 3 and part 4…the rest got kinda stupid,not that they were not fun, but they lacked the strength of there earlier films….

    • divisionbell

      Agreed. The first wins for atmosphere but the second is hands down the best. It’s a great Friday and its like an American homage to giallos. So many great twitch of the death nerve references! Plus it had a good final girl which helps a lot.

      • Skull-And-Crossbones

        wow, you are the second person i’ve seen make the connection between friday the 13th and giallo horror. and the other person was me lol. i think the first one was greatly inspired by giallo too because if you separate it from the rest of the series it has a lot of mystery to it. a killer who we only see out of frame (like only seeing the bottom half of the legs chasing someone or just the weapon in the killers’ hands). IMO jason has been the face of the franchise for so long that people often compare it to Halloween, and for good reason, but they’ve forgotten that the first one more closely resembles a giallo movie than a halloween rip off. IMO it wasn’t until jason showed up in the sequel that it became a little more “halloween-esque”, and then even more so in part 3, when he wore the infamous hockey mask.

  • doomas10

    Freddy vs Jason all the way! Controversial choice but I thought a) it was really well made, b) the gore was plenty and c) it was a lot of fun! The worst by far was part 5 along with the remake. Remake was just terrible, character wise and the whole Jason running thing meh.

    • Skycat

      Totally have to agree…Freddy vs Jason was by far my fav, most entertaining, and was too wicked seeing how Freddy and Jason interacted. Even though it was a lot of fun they still kept it very dark and grim. Love it!

    • divisionbell

      It was excellent and just a ton of fun!

  • ThunderDragoon

    Friday the 13th Part 2 is definitely my favorite. It took what was good about the first and just made it better. I’m also actually one of the few people who really loves The New Blood. This franchise is actually one of the best, save for a few crappy entries, but what franchise doesn’t have those! Maybe I’ll watch some of my favorites today since it is Friday the 13th after all.

  • Taboo

    I started watching all these for the very first time few months ago. I actually enjoyed all of them. My friend bought the collection pack so I’ll be watching them all again sometime this month 🙂

  • HallMy

    My favorite is Friday the 13th (2009). Even though I love all the Friday the 13th movies (even Jason Takes Manhattan), I was always a little put off by “Zombie Jason”. The first 4 were the best, in my opinion, because they were about a living, breathing man who just happens to be a psychopath. Part 3 was the best, I think, of the first 4, because it had a HUGE Jason. When he seemed to survive the hanging, you could believe it, what with that thick neck and all. So that is why I loved the remake so much; Jason was back being human and alive. Also, the realism. It was very cleverly explained how Jason could just pop up anywhere at anytime without anyone knowing how he did it. Just great!

    • djblack1313

      HallMy, i agree 100%! the living HUMAN, non-zombie Jason was the best IMO. i love all 3 Jasons (from part 2-4) and Derek Mears without a doubt was superb in the reboot. i love that (in the reboot) the had Jason being intense again. the scene in the opening sequence where Jason charges at Whitney and swings the machete towards her is one of the best moments in any F13 movie ever IMO.

  • djblack1313

    F13 part 2 is definitely the best entry IMO. Ginny was an awesome final girl. not only was she just the right amount of tough/kick ass, she was also VERY smart (putting on Mrs. Vorhees’s sweater and pretending to be his mom, etc).

    parts 1 & 4 are my other top F13 faves. for some reason i don’t love (or even like very much) part 3. Dana Kimmell’s Chris was just bland IMO (but Jason was pretty awesome in it).

    also Harry Manfredini’s score (especially in parts 1 & 2) is amazing and IMO is essential in making these movies as good as they are. i do like the reboot, but the lack of Manfredini’s musical touch in it was sorely missing.

  • mountain twin

    Straight up, I think a New Beginning is highly underrated. I keep coming back to it in my mind simply because it is such a fucked up movie, in general. An island from the series. The amount of cocaine that fueled that abrupt turn in the narrative must have been of dangerous proportions.
    I can remember my confusion as a kid when ‘Royson’ is unmasked.
    It makes as little sense today as it did then. I also love when Reggie sees Jason, screams a high pitched squeal and books it in to the darkened forest leaving Pam alone. It’s my favorite Jason reaction in the whole series by far.
    I also love Violet, the poppin’ lockin’ Goth.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    such a tough decision. but i think i have to go with Freddy vs. Jason because it was such a fun movie to watch. but 1-4 are pure classics. those would be tough to rank.

  • Jhanse3 (Jhanse29)

    Friday the 13th part 3 is my personal favorite. I felt it had the most likable group of characters. I really liked Chris as the final had some cool kills as well.

    • SuperKilla

      Part 3 definitely had the hottest “final girl” of the whole franchise.

  • LastCubScout

    ‘The Final Chapter’ always seemed to be the best balance of ‘Friday the 13th’ elements. You have Jason in his hockey mask. It’s got a little of the gritty grindhouse feel of the early ’80s and a little of the polish and humor of the later ’80s. It has some nudity and great gore effects from Tom Savini, right before the censors really started cracking down on films in the late ’80s. It has a dancing Crispin Glover. It was a good way to kill off Jason (we thought). I still remember seeing it on opening night in ’84 and the audience going absolutely nuts when the mask exploded during the opening credits.

    • dr.lamb

      I totally agree. Just a great fun movie overall.

    • brvoorhees

      Don’t get me wrong…
      But I REALLY don’t get why people love that movie so much.
      The only great death is Doug’s; “Teddy Bear”, Jim and the twin girls suck; Trish is not a notorious final girl; Tommy is boring; Robb was underused; Jason face is totally lame; the atmosphere lacks something and the movie is way too slow. It spends like half an hour in that lame party. I only like the 20 final minutes and the flashbacks in the beginning. But that’s just my opinion. 🙁

  • SonOfVoorhees

    I like most of them. But the New Blood is a personal favourite as Jason looks awesome in it and that fact he is fighting some one that can stand up to him. Awesome stuff. I even wrote a story years ago where Jason came back and that psychic girl and Tommy Jarvis team up to take him down once and for all. 🙂

    • brvoorhees

      The New Blood rules! It’s so sad people like to bash it only because it’s different and “surreal”. Like the whole concept of the series was any different.

  • diapers

    Happy Friday the 13th! Part 4 all the way! Crispin Glover MADE that movie. I also (gasp) really like Part V, I appear to be part of the 2% that likes part V.

  • The-Cool

    Part 1 for me. It’s the only one that I’d consider scary or creepy(maybe part 2 also).

    Followed by part 3, then 2, and then 5(I know it’s hated, but I love it.)

  • SuperKilla

    I love all these films for one reason or another but I’m gonna go with parts 1,3,7 as my favorites. Human or zombie Jason, both versions kick ass.

  • Jason Lives – They realised how ridiculous it was to bring him back to life and it showed. From the 007 homage to the Alice Cooper soundtrack, you call tell it was fun making it.

  • fakeZ3

    Oddly enough, I would probably put “A New Beginning” up higher on the list but other than that I agree with the rankings. I really thought that they did a good job melding together elements of all of them in the remake. Excited for them to get to work on the sequel to the remake. Happy Friday the 13th!

  • K-Dogg

    For me, it’s the original, then part 4. Also really dug 3 and 6.

  • TwistedCritic

    Voted for 2 but I’m pretty content with the results. Jason Lives is a tricky one because while it’s certainly one of the best, it’s too tongue-in-cheek to put over 1, 2 and 4 in my opinion. I’d say: 2-1-4-6-remake-3-5-7-8-X-JGTH. And I liked FvJ but I’m not counting that 🙂

  • undertaker78

    If I’m listing them from my favorite to my least favorite:

    Part 2
    Part 6
    Part 3
    Part 7
    Part 4
    Part 1
    Freddy vs. Jason
    Part 8
    Part 5
    Jason X
    Jason Goes To Hell

  • brvoorhees

    I think “Part III” is by far the best one.
    Not only it’s a classic, and the one to introduce the hockey mask, but it’s also the one with the most cool characters and the best final girl/chase. That scene with Jason/Chris is awesome.
    Then, the second best is “The New Blood”. The idea of an super-powered final girl was so great. And that whole sequence was brilliant. I also think Nick was the best “good guy” and the visuals are really great, it doesn’t seem like a 80’s movie.
    “Jason Lives” comes right after that one. Really charismatic main characters, right amount of humour and great atmosphere/visuals. Loved Alice Cooper’s song.
    Then, I’d put “Manhattan”(it’s really fun) and “Part II” ’cause Ginny rules. 😀
    I loved the remake, but I had a few problems with it.

    The worst one is totally Part V. It just blows. Worst bunch of characters, over-the-top killings, weird atmosphere. “Part I” really didn’t do much for me, it’s just slow and the characters are totally inexpressive. I only like the final scenes(same for part IV). Part IX is way too gross and exaggerated,and X has a nice beginning, but it’s just boring.
    FxJ is great, and that’s it.

  • Dream-Master08

    I agree with the Poll, I think Part 4 was equal to the first two in terms of its strength in the franchise. Part 3 is iconic for introducing the hockey mask, but there are so many things that make me mad every time I watch it. the only other entry that I have a soft spot for is part VII. Despite it being ambitious if nonsensical to have someone with powers duking it out with Jason, Jason in it of himself had become nonsensical at that point in the franchise. Had they included the blood and guts, i think it could have rivaled part VI as a fan favorite. I absolute hate the reboot. I happen to be one of the only fanboys in the universe that believes that sometimes the most obvious approach to something is the best. The reboot should have been centered around camp counselors, and or should have been retro, as the TCM remake was. The reboot just lack spirit, and had nothing poignant to give to the mythos of the character.

  • CryMurder

    I have a special place in my memory for The New Blood being it’s the first Friday 13th I’ve seen. And for everyone here calling the main female lead Tina a super-powered girl, I think it’s pretty safe to say she was most likely Telekinetic. Think like Carrie kind of telekinetic. The guys who wrote the script for The New Blood were probably wanting a Carrie vs. Jason movie instead of Freddy vs. Jason when you think about it. Tina her character just kept reminding me of Carrie the whole time. Especially when she burned down the house to try and kill Jason. All of that aside though, Part VII had the classic kills and gore you’d expect plus lots of sex and nudity. Basically your bread and butter stuff.

    Shout outs to the 2009 remake which was an awesome Friday 13th as well. Would’ve liked more of the mother in it but not bad. Jason X and Jason Goes to Hell were beyond awful. The blood/gore and violence in Jason X just looked so fake. I don’t know if they got the blood wrong or if it was CGI or whatever but Jason X just looked really bad.

  • zibby

    I’ve always been partial to Kane Hodder’s portrayals of Jason.

  • bean bunny

    my favourite is the firstone i like mrs vorhees as the main villain

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