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‘Coffin Baby’ Trailer Jam-Packed With Torturous Gore

There’s finally a trailer for Dean Jones’ Coffin Baby, which is actually a renamed sequel to Tobe Hooper’s 2005 Toolbox Murders (Coffin Baby sounds like a Rob Zombie song, IMO).

Hollywood, California, is turned upside down by a series of strange and horrific murders creating chaos and turmoil in tinsel town. One particular victim is kidnapped, held captive, and subjected to witness the torture and murder of numerous other victims. It is by her will, strength, and faith that she must survive the ordeal. Her escape seems hopeless and only worsens when outside supernatural forces become more difficult to contend with than her captor…

Bruce Dern, Brian Krause, Chauntal Lewis, Christopher Doyle, and Clifton Powell star.




    Why does the killer look the one from Hooper’s Toolbox Murders, is this a sequel?

    • Hippie Of Death

      It’s a remake

    • mountain twin



    So its a remake of the remake?

    • Hippie Of Death

      Sorry, my bad! It’s a sequel to the remake

  • c-s-a78

    I have been wondering what had happened to this movie!this and jeepers creepers 3!!!

  • Danz

    I had the displeasure of seing this atrocious movie a few months ago, it’s one of the worst things I have ever laid my eyes upon if not the very worst, everything is amateur and utterly terrible, it’s mind blowing bad and I’m not even talking about the so bad it’s good kind of movie, it’s just an offense to the human being. And it’s a sequel to the remake, not a remake of the remake.

    • c-s-a78

      cant be as bad as “wrong turn 5”!?!

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