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[TIFF ’13 Review] ‘Almost Human’ Is An Affectionate Tribute To 80’s Sci-Fi/Horror

Mike Pereira continues his ten year anniversary of covering the Toronto International Film Festival with a review of Joe Begos’ highly ambitious, Almost Human, which harks backs to classic effects-heavy creature features like John Carpenter’s The Thing. Apparently, this is one of the film’s issues.

Mike explains in his review that Begos and company could have tried to be a little different in their homage to the 1980’s. “As entertaining as I found Almost Human to be, it seems merely content to replicate the source without ever attempting to take it somewhere fresh. There isn’t a moment here that wasn’t inspired from something else,” he explains stating that it sort of felt more like a short than a feature. “Despite these setbacks, I find just enough here to recommend. If you dig the trailer and cheesy 80’s sci-fi horror is your thing, this flick’s for you. It preyed on my nostalgia of a time I will forever cherish. Armed with The Dude Designs’ awesome cover art (below), Almost Human would make a fine VHS rental.

While it sounds like the film doesn’t quite hit its mark, Mike does make it sound like it would be a super fun weekend rental with your friends.



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