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[TV] Next On “Dexter”: Promo and Clips From the Series Finale, “Remember The Monsters?”!

I’m about to sit down to watch the episode setting up the series finale of Showtime’s “Dexter.

Going in to tonight’s episode I’m really hoping for some big shockers, considering I feel like it’s been derailed since the re-introduction of Hannah McKay.

Next Sunday, September 22, marks the big finale, and I’m praying it goes off with a bang. Tonight Showtime released a promo and two clips from the conclusion, entitled “Remember The Monsters?”: “With a hurricane threatening Miami, Dexter becomes determined to end things his way.

Watch below and tell us what you expect from the finale – and then go watch “Breaking Bad” to see how a finale is done correctly…



  • goasklucy

    Could not possibly agree more on Breaking Bad. I feel like I’m finished Dexter just to go through the motions at this point… incredibly disappointing.

  • coldblood

    Well, the most disappointing series finale in history was for The Sopranos. I think it’s actually impossible for a show’s end to suck any worse than that – so I’m optimistic.

    Dexter has gone on too long anyway. Breaking Bad seems like its ending too soon but it didn’t ever have a weak season.
    The Wire could have used one more season though.

  • HorrorFancy

    My favorite seasons of Dexter have been S1 and 4 — the series otherwise feeling below par of those two and waning IMO. I am glad they are ending it now instead of taking up yet another season (True Blood). Thankfully there will be more Hannibal to chew on.

  • wildgator25

    I am still going to hate to see it go though. But it is time for the show to end as there are way too many loose ends floating around that makes this show too implausible at this point. I did like the ending to last night’s episode though. I actually thought for a second that Harry would show up in the “kill room” with Deb. Wouldn’t that have been some cool shit?!

  • Jasonicus

    This has been so boring. I really expected them to up the ante this year but they are playing it safe. It’s disappointing.

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