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‘In the House of Flies’ Dated for Home Video

Black Fawn Distribution is set to officially release the horror/thriller In the House of Flies on October 8th, 2013. In the House of Flies marks the company’s fourth release in an ever-growing catalog of Canadian horror films.

Directed by Gabriel Carrer (If a Tree Falls, Desperate Souls) and staring Ryan Kotack, Lindsay Smith, and Ryan Barrett (Neverlost, Ejecta, The Post Lifers), In the House of Flies is a slow burn horror/thriller set in the late 1980s. The film revolves around the captivity of a young couple as their abductor torments them with no explanation for his motives. It’s a truly terrifying experience as it places the audience in the shoes of the film’s protagonists, revealing only what they see and the horror that they’re subjected to.

The DVD comes packed with special features including deleted scenes, trailers, and an exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary of the filmmakers’ trip to Spain for their European premiere.

Two young lovers, Heather (Lindsay Smith) and Steven (Ryan Kotack), find their lives inadvertently changed forever when they’re suddenly abducted. With no idea who has taken them, or for what purpose, the couple struggle to escape. Alone, isolated, and imprisoned in a cold, unforgiving basement, Heather and Steve soon find themselves pawns in the psychological game of their captor.



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