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Killer Deadlines In ‘The Cabining’ Trailer Debut

Michigan-based writer/director Steve Kopera and his LA-based actor/producer brother, Mike have sent in a trailer for their horror comedy The Cabining.

M. Kopera, who plays “Todd,” co-stars with Bo Keister as “Bruce,” Angela Relucio, as “Mindy,” Luce Rains as “Jasper,” and Melissa Mars as “Celeste.”

Todd and Bruce, a hapless screenwriting team, get one last shot at success thanks to Todd’s wealthy stepdad, Serge. If they pen a worthy horror script, Serge will fund the entire project. But there is one condition: The script must be complete in two weeks.

With the deadline looming and no fresh ideas, Todd and Bruce head to Shangri-La, a serene artist’s retreat, with the hope that the peace and company of fellow artists will inspire greatness… or, failing greatness, at least enough for straight-to-DVD. Shangri-La proves to be anything but serene, as the artists die off one by one, seemingly by accident. Bruce convinces Todd to soak in this morbid atmosphere to help with the writing, but soon those two are fighting for their lives as well.



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