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Titan Comics Unleashes A ‘Monster Massacre’!

Titan Comics are releasing the first volume of a brand-new graphic novel series, “Monster Massacre”. The series is a sci-fi and fantasy anthology headed up by “A1” creator Dave Elliott and starring some of the biggest names in comics from both the past and present. There’s a wide variety of material in this anthology, harkening back to the days of “Eerie” and “Strange Tales”. The first volume is available now. Check out an exclusive preview for “Monster Massacre” Vol. 1 below.

Monster Massacre Vol.1 showcases 10 stories from some of the greatest comics talent: – From the creators of Captain America a Classic Joe Simon and Jack Kirby horror story THE GREATEST HORROR OF THE ALL from Black Cat Mystery! – MONSTER PUNCH, starring IRA GERSCHWIN: MONSTER FIGHTER by Andy Kuhn (Firebreather, TMNT)! – HITCH, a post apocalyptic zombie story by Dave Dorman (Star Wars, Indiana Jones)! – ZEKE & KRO, a macabre black comedy by Mark A Nelson (ALIENS)! – A Faery and a Human team up to con everyone in DESTINY’S ROGUES by Ron Marz (Shinku, Sliver Surfer, Green Lantern) and Tom Raney (The Authority, Avengers)! – DAIKAIJU – Dragons destroy Japan by Vito Delsante (Scooby-Doo) and Javier Aranda (Star Trek, Marksmen)! – EL ZOMBO by Dave Wilkins (El Zombo, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Masters of the Universe) and Dave Elliott! Guest-starring SHARKY and MR MONSTER! – Jerry Paris, Arthur Suydam and Dave Elliott bring us DEEP SIX – day one of the return of Cthulhu! – SHARKY by Dave Elliott and Alex Horley (Sharky, Lobo, Blizzard) sees the novice hero and THOR face Alvin the Dwarf and Devlin the Giant Lice! – LITTLE MONSTERS is a prologue to the graphic novel Kingdom of the Wicked by Ian Edginton (Scarlet Traces, Leviathan, Victorian Undead) and D’Israeli (Lazarus Churchyard, Sandman)! – Plus art galleries from Alex Horley and Steve White!



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