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Red Hood And Nightwing In Yet Another Fan-made Continuation Of Nolan’s Bat Universe

Since Nolan’s “Dark Knight” Trilogy came to an end last year, dozens of independent filmmakers have taken it upon themselves to continue the universe. These are usually made for little to no budget, but they all come with passion from the filmmmakers. The Dark Knight Legacy is latest continuation, which premiered on Machinima this morning. The seven-minute short offers the introduction of Red Hood and Nightwing. Check it down under.

Directed by Brett Register and written by Woody Tondorf and Chris Landa, the short takes place a year after the events of The Dark Knight Rises, seeing John Blake as Nightwing as he tries to “protect the symbol of Batman from the lethal, relentless attacks of a masked vigilante known only as the Red Hood.”

The producers are looking to turn The Dark Knight Legacy into a series through Indiegogo.



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