Bethesda Releases Official Gameplay Footage From 'The Evil Within' - Bloody Disgusting!

Bethesda Releases Official Gameplay Footage From ‘The Evil Within’

Remember that last trailer? That wasn’t official. This one however, just oozes official. It’s the same gameplay footage, only its of a noticeably higher quality and it’s also been cleaned up a bit. Really, even if it was the exact same thing — which it kind of is — this gameplay trailer is cool enough to warrant a second watch, don’t you think? Watch it (possibly for a second time) after the jump.

Watch out for The Evil Within when it comes to PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in 2014.

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  • Pav

    Place full of dismembered corpses and all he can smell is blood? I’d say smell of guts, faeces and rotten flesh…Smell of death, despair, pain and fear…

  • HorrorLover995

    This game looks very very promising. It honestly is a silent hill meets resident evil 4. It takes the roots of horror like the bone chilling and grotesque remains of humans, the random scream down a long and dark corridor, a voice whispering in an dark empty basement room, etc. and monstrosities from the silent hill series, and takes the idea that you have a slim chance of survival from resident evil 4. Looks very promising is all I can honestly say.