[TV] Syfy Acquires Canadian Werewolf Drama "Bitten" - Bloody Disgusting!

[TV] Syfy Acquires Canadian Werewolf Drama “Bitten”


Syfy is expanding its relationship with Entertainment One as the NBCUniversal-owned cable network has acquired Canadian original scripted werewolf drama “Bitten,” The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Based on the best-selling novels “Women of the Otherworld” by Kelley Armstrong, the supernatural thriller stars “Smallville’s” Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels, the lone female werewolf in existence. The 13-episode drama will unspool on Syfy — and Bell Media’s Space network in Canada — in 2014.

The series follows Elena as she attempts to escape a world she never wanted to be part of (as well as the man who turned her into a werewolf), abandoning her pack and taking refuge in a new city, where she works as a photographer and hides her werewolf existence from her boyfriend. When bodies begin turning up in her pack’s backyard, she finds herself back at Stonehaven, the werewolves’ ancestral domain, where she will stop at nothing to defend her pack.

“Bitten,” which co-stars Greg Bryk, Greyston Holt and Paul Greene, hails from No Equal Entertainment, Hoodwink Entertainment and eOne in association with Space and Bell Media.

  • David

    great, another show were they turn into dogs. i wish someone would make werewolves scary again.

    • GothicGuido

      Some people are IMO but they are all making comics and not TV/Movies.

  • djblack1313

    i don’t care, i love Laura Vandervoort!!! i’ll watch anything she’s in. bring on BITTEN!

  • GothicGuido

    Huge Werewolf fan and this kinda bums me out. When will my furry friends get the recognition they deserve. First Hemlock grove now this.

    I know I haven’t seen it but the plot seems generic and its Canadian. I’m Canadian and I can admit our movie/tv scene is atrocious. “Only female werewolf in existence” I know this is fiction and all but how does that even make sense? A huge problem with werewolf (and vampire) fiction is the bad job they do at creating the world. Were always lead to believe this monster only exists in like one town.

    We should get two good werewolf movies around 2020 lol (honestly that’s how the pattern works so far… Two good werewolf movies every twenty years released around the same time) 1981 – The howling/ AWOL. 2000/2002 Ginger snaps/ Dog soldiers. In all likely hood I don’t see us getting another good one any time soon.