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Open Road’s New ‘Testament’ Originally Carried the Worst Title In Movie History

Deadline reported last week that Open Road Films has acquired U.S. rights to Testament, a supernatural thriller that will begin production in March, with The Butterfly Effect helmer Eric Bress directing his script. What they didn’t tell you is the film’s original title, which is the worst in the history of cinema. Thankfully, Open Road announced the project as Testament and not TE5T4M3NT. GROSS.

We also got our hands on a longer, more spoiler-y synopsis:

A teacher and his students are forced to fight for their lives as the Ten Plagues of The Old Testament strike not only their small town, but the entire world. FROGS. LICE. WILD ANIMALS. PESTILENCE. BOILS. HAIL. LOCUSTS. DARKNESS and finally the DEATH OF THE FIRST BORN.

As the outside world desperately races to uncover the cause of these phenomena, students and teachers alike must band together to find a way to survive what might be natural events rooted in science, or unexplainable acts of divine intervention. Imminent doom may not build character, but it does reveal character — and teenage heroes are born as the world is coming to an end.

Production is slated to begin March 2014.

Open Road will release the Voltage Pictures-financed film in early 2015.



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