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‘Dead Rising 3’ Screens: Psychopaths, Co-Op And Vehicular Mayhem, Oh My!

This shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but Capcom has officially confirmed that co-op will indeed be returning, alongside the psychopaths, in the Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3. This means you can partner up with a friend as Nick and his friend Dick to mow down the undead hordes in an assortment of wildly vicious vehicles while dressed as shark and bull mascots to strike fear in the no longer beating hearts of the undead hordes.

Read on for a bit more info and a ton of screenshots.

From a post on Capcom’s unity blog, [Dead Rising 3] will save whatever progress you achieve in coop, even when you revert back to single-player. This adds a unique nonlinear element to the game’s story progression. If you’re still in the middle of Chapter 1 but you join your friend’s game online and clear Chapter 3 together, Chapter 3 will become cleared on your own save file, meaning that once you clear Chapters 1 and 2, you’ll have the option of skipping 3.”

Interestingly, it sounds like there will be seven psychopath bosses — in addition to an assortment of normal human bosses — that are based on one of the seven deadly sins. I’m guessing Lust will be a beautiful woman and Gluttony will be a morbidly obese man.

Dead Rising 3 comes exclusively to the Xbox One on November 22nd.

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