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[Random Cool] Self-Healing Elastomer Debbued the “Terminator” Polymer

This is how the war began. The war between man, and machine.

Researchers at the CIDETEC Center for Electrochemical Technologies in San Sebastian, Spain, have created the world’s first man-made, self-healing polymer, reports the Global Post.

When sliced in two, the material was able to spontaneously regenerate without a catalyst, the research team reported in the Sept. 13 issue of Materials Horizon, the journal of Britain’s Royal Society of Chemistry.

The two halves were put in contact and allowed to stand at room-temperature, without applying any pressure,” the scientists wrote.

In honor of the Hollywood film franchise that made Arnold Schwarzenegger an A-lister, the scientists have nicknamed it the Terminator polymer.

Watch a video below, and see how the end of the world began…



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